The Hunters

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1. Chapter One

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They had searched for millennia for the perfect place. Here they believed they had found it. From their mile long ships, the Engineers gazed out upon the horrific landscape that was to become the workshop of horrors they intended to perform. They needed an expendable place to manifest certain theories of creation. They needed a defenseless place they could damage and no one would care. Tens of thousands of years of research in the engineering of artificial life forms would climax in the thing they were planning to do now. They came here to build gods and monsters.

They had created a blood bomb. Blood was both food and DNA. The single cell organisms they had built from mystical atoms in their labs were suspended in a nutrient mix and placed into the warheads of thousands of missiles. They seeded the burning Earth below them and waited. In less than a year they were rewarded beyond their wildest dreams. The Great Old Ones exploded into existence under the thumb of a ruthless process of natural selection. Using the magics build into the atoms of their genes, the Old Ones speciated to capture the niches of the magic that powered them. They were a curious mix of form and function and magic. They were power made flesh.

– Buffy AVP: Messiah

She had the late watch. Buffy sat in the captain’s chair of the “Liam Atreides” dreaming of the past. Five hundred years ago she was resurrected on Arrakis by the sprit force of the slayers. She joined the slayers of Dune as part of their ongoing mission to protect the golden path. She remembered being pulled through time before then to stand with Surayya at the resurrection of the Destroyer. There, she was sampled by the slayer witch Motorria along with Paul Muad’Dib to produce a son that she raised as her own. She watched her son grow into a man that would take the throne and eliminate the First at great risk to himself. Buffy remembered why he took the throne.

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