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Title: Buffy Trek: Ascension

1. Chapter One

CBS and Paramount own the rights to the Star Trek TV and film franchise. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

Buffy stood in the shadow of the Borg. A huge cube floated in the sky only a few hundred feet above her home. Buffy was all in wonder. Only a few minutes ago she was locked in an asteroid with Klingon vampires fighting for her life. Then suddenly she was here. From the magical supplies strewed around the house, Buffy was sure that her return was Willow’s doing. She had no idea where that huge cube in the sky came from.

“Do you know what this is?” Buffy asked Khan.

“No” indicated the augment. “This is not Fathers doing. This is not Starfleet.” As Khan spoke, two forms appeared out of shimmering air. Two Borg drones stood in the Summers home. Their grey skin was covered with Borg machinery. Their eyes had been replaced with visual acuity sensors, arms had been replaced with self-powered blades. Black cables ran the length of their reformed bodies.

“Zombies!” Buffy thought to herself. “Since when do zombies use tech?” Buffy remembered a spell Willow had taught her. It would immobilize the dead. She was about to speak it but the Borg spoke first.

“**We are the Borg. Resistance is futile. Your cultural and biological distinctiveness will be added to our own.**”

“Ok.” Buffy thought as she slowly began to back up. “These are not your typical zombies.” Buffy had backed up as far as she could. She knew she couldn’t get out of here without a fight. She glanced at Khan who had his hands balled into a fist. She caught his eye. Khan nodded. He was in agreement.

“Here we go.” Buffy thought. She and Khan charged the Borg.

***The Enterprise***

Captain Jean-Luc Picard stared eagerly at the main view screen. He was anxious and upset. He had seen the damage done at Wolf 359. A single Borg cube here on the primitive Earth would mean the end of Starfleet. But he and the Enterprise were still here. So, the timeline must still be safe. The Borg cube had appeared out of nowhere and had headed directly for the home of the woman that had helped with the issue of the Klingon vampires. The Borg had completely ignored the advanced technology of the Enterprise. That was strange.

“What do they want?” Picard thought. His experience with the Borg indicated that only searched for things they could take advantage of. The Q had described them as the ultimate users. What could the Borg possibly want here on Earth at this time? What would the Borg want at the home of Buffy Summers?

“Tactical?” Picard asked.

“Forty-seven torpedoes are ready. Phaser banks are charged.” Said Worf from the Tactical station. Suddenly multiple lights on the control panel lit up. Alarms began ringing throughout the ship. Picard silenced the alarms from his command chair. He was at the tactical station in a blink of an eye.

“What is it Worf? Picard asked.

“Multiple contacts.” He said. “I am reading over three hundred D5 Bird of Prey.”

“The Third Klingon Battle Fleet has returned,” Picard said. The third battle fleet had arrived in response to three Klingon prisoners from the future. Buffy Summers had been responsible for resolving that issue. She has soon disappeared when the third fleet had returned to the future. Now they were back.

“How did they know the Borg were here?” Picard thought briefly. It made no difference how they knew. Picard knew the Klingons world attack first and find out the awesome power of the Borg later. This would be a catastrophe.

“Helm, open a channel to that Klingon Fleet,” Picard said. The ship shook as violent thunder filled the air around them. On the screen, plumes of fire and smoke erupted from the Borg Cube.

“So much for the soft touch,” Picard muttered to himself. Any thoughts he had of any strategies against the Borg were gone now.

“Helm, increase orbit to ten thousand miles,” Picard said to the ensign at the control panel. The Bajoran female tapped a few buttons. The Enterprise began to rise. Picard turned to the senior officers available.

“Number One, Worf, any ideas?” Picard asked.

“The Borg have no honor,” Worf muttered. The first officer was silent. Both men looked angry. Worf’s young apprentice, Tavana Kanff, stood by his side. The Klingon female spoke softly.

“Buffy Summers has returned.” She said. The men heard her. All three of them stopped and looked at her. She was embarrassed. She had hoped to remain invisible during this crisis.

“Buffy Summers has returned.” She said louder. The Enterprise officers gave a puzzled stare.

“I can feel her,” Tavana said. “Buffy is a slayer. We are bound by that magic.”

“Buffy returns than a Borg cube.” Said Riker. “You think there’s a connection?”

“We need to find her,” Picard said. “Any sign of Data?” he added.

“He was with the witch Rosenberg.” Said Worf. Riker flinched at such an archaic term. The Federation had long ago reclassified witches as metaphasic energy workers. There were quite a few of them in Starfleet. Picard knew what to do next.

“Worf began a scan for Buffy Summers and Commander Data.“ He said to the Klingon.

“Sir!” Worf said as he returned to his station. Tavana followed him.

***Klingon High Command Stardate 2200***

Admiral Koroth was deep into the debriefing of Admiral Tengfei. Tengfei had taken the overnight shift at Klingon high command. Three prisoners scheduled to meet death had been transported back in time to ancient Earth. There, the prisoners had met and died at the hands of monsters not seen since the age of Kathless. There, they had met a human that protected and fought with them with honor. A battle fleet had performed a temporal incursion back to the twentieth century to meet the threat of the cast-out. Tengfei had ordered the return of Buffy Summers with the fleet. He had used her as a template to build his own augments and then used her and the Klingon hybrids to learn how to fight the cast-out. In the end, he had to sterilize both of the experimental sites. Koroth was awed by the scale of events that had occurred in his absence.

“Where is the human Buffy Summers now?” Koroth asked.

“She’s gone.” Admiral Tengfei said. “The augment Summers has been returned to the twentieth century.” Suddenly alarms began to blare. A young Klingon aide rushed into the room.

“Sir!” he said.

“Yes.” Said both of the admirals.

“The Borg are on Earth!” he said.


2. Chapter 2

CBS and Paramount own the rights to the Star Trek TV and film franchise. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

Three D5 Bird of Prey cruisers struck with the sound of thunder. The Klingons let loose a barrage of photon torpedoes that banged the top of the Borg cube with a concussive force of several megatons of TNT. The slight scratch received by the cube healed itself in seconds. The Borg adapted and began to beam drones aboard several of the Klingon ships. One Klingon captain fought back. He was able to enter the self-destruct codes before being assimilated. A yellow-white star illuminated the sky. The blast wave shattered glass for miles and tore the roof off of homes. The Borg cube was unharmed.

Picard viewed the battle below with rising fear and agitation. The Klingons had attacked the Borg cube with everything they had. The cube was hardly a dent. By now, drones must be beaming aboard the Klingon ships converting the crew into Borg. Picard felt sorry for the brave warriors. He’s had been converted into Borg at one time. The process was not pleasant. Not only did the Borg disfigure the body but they mutilated the soul as well. He would not wish that experience on anyone.

“A nova bomb would come in handy right about now,” said Riker. Picard looked at him as if he was insane. Nova bombs were banned by the Federation decades ago. A nova bomb would cause a star to go supernova wiping out an entire solar system.

“This is still the home of Starfleet,” said Picard as he watched plumes of fire blossom in the battle below. “We must preserve the timeline.”

“There is no record of a Borg cube ever being on Earth,” said Riker. “I think the timeline is pretty much screwed already.”

“But why are they here now?” Picard asked. This was really starting to bother him. The Borg in this timeframe was in the delta quadrant. According to the reports of captain Janeway, the Borg are busy with their own issues. They should not be here.”

“We need to find Buffy. We need answers.” Picard said.

“Agreed.” Said Riker as he stood beside Picard in silence. The men watched the screen as it showed them the fires of a world at war.

Buffy stopped to catch her breath. She and Khan had been running like maniacs. They were able to escape the Borg that had appeared in her home. Now they were looking for a place to hide. They had made it to the school. Something told her that the safest place would be here. Buffy grabbed Khan by the arm as they hid behind the marque of the new and improved Sunnydale High. Buffy scanned the dark empty streets for any sign of the Borg.

“C’mon” Buddy,” said as she grabbed Khan’s arm and led him into her old school.

Former Operations Admiral Amanda Rosenberg zipped up her tight-fitting jumpsuit. She wiggled around in it a little enjoying the feel of the refined Lycia and engineered biometric microfibers. She loved the way it fit around her hips and the way it allowed her skin to breath.

“Comfortable at last!” Amanda thought.

She looked at her former Starfleet uniform crumpled on the floor in a neat pile. Her former life was over. The coven had demanded she make the ultimate sacrifice of her career. She didn’t mind. She was raised from a child by the coven for this one task. She was ecstatic to fulfill the mission and be the one to find the transwarp core. She was the one that had sent the signal to the Borg which caused them to suddenly appear over Sunnydale. As she watched the hours of video footage generated by the veritas spell and stored in the Starfleet cloud a slow horror began to creep into her awareness. The cult of Rosenberg had created the coven as a tactical arm to execute the plan they had created to ensure that the events recorded by the veritas spell came to pass. The Cult of Rosenberg had reviewed the hundreds of gigabytes of video files locked in the Starfleet cloud and came to the conclusion that it was up to them to manage the future, to make sure that what they had seen in the video files came true. To this end, the Coven was given extraordinary powers. They infiltrated every branch of Starfleet and the Federation. They had eyes and ears everywhere. The video files that recorded the past and the future had been viewed and analyzed by some of the best human and non-human minds in the galaxy. As Amanda watched the videos she was sure that centuries of analysis had missed something. She watched as Buffy lead Khan Noonien Singh into Sunnydale high. What she saw after that made her gasp. She wept a little when she saw how the Borg had mutilated Buffy as they replaced her limbs with cybernetic implants. At first Amanda was sure that the Coven had missed this but the more she began to think about it the more she understood the necessity of it. The past showed a two-stage attack. No matter what happened, no matter who died or got assimilated Buffy had to be assimilated by the Borg. Her time with the Coven had demonstrated to her the power of magic. What the coven planned to do once Buffy was been assimilated would unleash a power that would tear the galaxy in half.

Amanda sat up in her bed. Her face was wet with tears for all those they would lose along the way.


3. Chapter 3

CBS and Paramount own the rights to the Star Trek TV and film franchise. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

Buffy hid in the principal’s office. The original Principal to use this office was a principal Snyder who was a small rat faced man who looked more like a cheap alien than the chief administrator of an entire school. His office now was held by the much cuter and much taller Principal Wood. Buffy and Khan hid behind the main desk in Robins office. Her shoulder brushed a hidden switch. The entire far wall lifted up to reveal a weapons display. There were various swords and knifes and battle staffs not seen since the seventeenth century. Buffy recognized one or two of the short swords as knifes used to kill certain demons. She wasn’t so sure why principal Woods would have them or why so many of them. Her mind went back to the weird zombies that had appeared out of nowhere. Usually the dead were incompetent around tech. They preferred to focus on being evil but these guys were covered with wires and tubes and armor. Buffy knew a few simple defensive spells Willow had taught her. She hoped she would never have to use them.

Three humanoid forms shambled down the alley. The trio of Borg had come across a strange lifeform. The creature looked like a human but gave off erratic metaphasic energy readings. The Borg had come across metaphasic energy before but nothing like this. The Borg was curious, what could such energy reading in a lifeform mean? The young woman turned to face the strangers that had followed her into the alley.

“You guys really should get out of here.” She said. The woman was five foot six with sharp cheekbones, black hair and warm brown eyes.

“Things are about to get intense.” She said.

“**We are the Borg. You will be assimilated.**” The trio said. “Your biological and cultural distinctiveness will be added to our own. **Resistance is futile**. The Borg began to walk towards the woman. She rolled her eyes. Apparently, these guys didn’t listen too well. Still, she did want their blood of her hands.

“Listen, guys.” She said. “It’s a full moon tonight. I cannot be responsible for what happens next.”

The woman doubled over as a sharp pain sliced her abdomen. She screamed and fell to her knees as her bones cracked under the curse and rearranged themselves into the new form. Claws trimmed in black pushed their way out of her fingertips. She could feel her flesh tearing apart as she was made to become something else. Her screams became a howl as the wolf emerged. The Borg drone stood before the woman as she changed. The drone was not distracted by the spectacle before him. He placed his fist against the neck of the convulsing woman and attempted to inject the Borg nanoprobes. The grey tubes punched her neck. Borg machines the size of a human blood cell flooded her body. Borg technology began to assimilate her. This enraged the spirit of the wolf. The first Borg was torn in half. His body, from the waist up, was slammed into the wall of the alley. Everything from the waist down simply fell backward. The second Borg was crushed out of existence. Space rippled around the Borg there was a swift implosion and then he was compressed to a point the size of an atom. Nothing was left of him. The third Borg began to glow. Faint reddish-orange flames began to lick up and down the Borg armor. Biometric devices buried in his flesh measured the spectrum and intensity of the flames. The energy readings were unknown. The technology could not adapt. The Borg lit the dark alley with a bright blue-white flame that turned his flesh and metal to vapor. Charred ashes drifted away in the air, the molten remains of the Borg armor burned into the melted asphalt of the street.

The werewolf growled as it took a survey of its handy work. The spirit of the beast was pleased. The men of metal had gotten in his way. Now they were no more. The werewolf howled at the full moon as it shambled away into the night in search of warm flesh.

There were two men in the room. One of the men had been dead for hundreds of years. Angel had dealt with his kind before. The other man was an agent of the deep state. He had come asking help from Wolfman and Hart.

“There a gosh darn spaceship in Sunnydale.” The man said. The government agent looked at Angel. “And you know what else is in Sunnydale?” he asked. Angel nodded. He knew the slayer and her people were there.

“I’ve asked our friends over at Weyland-Yutani to do their part. We can keep the major media at bay.” The man checked his watch. “The internet should be down for the next few hours. Both Facebook and Twitter are about to experience a major loss of data.”

“So what do you need me for?” Angel asked. He knew the answer but wanted the man to say it.

“If any of this gets back to the agency we’re going to need major legal representation. The director does not want any blowback. We need some of that Wolfram and Hart magic.” Angel cringed. He knew that there were people in the company that literately had magic.

“If you do this we can double your usual fees.” The government agency said.

“You know what we want,” Angel said. The government agent tapped the table mulling over his next words.

“The Darkhold is extremely dangerous. “he said. Angel didn’t care. The corporate wizards had been screaming about this book for weeks. They had to have the Darkhold. They promised to restore Angel to humans with that book.

The government agent stood. The meeting was over as far as he was concerned. Angel shook his hand.

“We’ll do everything we can to enforce the news blackout on Sunnydale. You have my word.” Angel said. Phil Colson, an agent of Shield, bid farewell to the vampire.


4. Chapter 4

CBS and Paramount own the rights to the Star Trek TV and film franchise. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

“I never thought I’d be in woodshop again,” Willow said. She and Data had teleported from Buffy’s home once the Borg appeared. This was the first safe place that came to mind. Data looked around the school’s woodshop class. There was a lot of basic equipment here for cutting and shaping organic matter. Data noted that a shop class in his time would include a few plasma cutters and a small antimatter generator. The technology of this time was primitive. What could the Borg possibly want here. Data was about to inform Willow that they were in no danger when she began speaking.

“I’ve got to activate the potential slayers.” Willow said. “They’re all alone out there. They need the strength to fight whatever these things are.”

“The Borg.” Said Data. “They are called the Borg. They are a multispecies race of parasites. They live off of the technology and culture of other beings.” Willow looked at him.

“They sound like vampires to me.” Said Willow. “Only without all of the biting and the blood.” Willow flipped through the small spell book she held. She was looking for some combination of spells that would activate all of the potentials at once. She flipped past the joining spell that she had used a few years ago. She dreaded using that. Connecting even a legitimate slayer to the source of the slayer power was so offensive that the spirit of the slayer tried to kill them all.

“No scary Rasta momma for me.” Willow thought.

“Something is here.” Said Data. His heightened cybernetic senses detected a transporter beam in the shadows on the far side of the room.

“Who goes there?” Data asked. A man stepped out of the darkness. His gold Starfleet communicator badge gleamed in the sparse light of the room.

“It’s just me.” Said Riker and he walked up to Data. He held a small data pad in his hand. Willow and Data looked at the Starfleet officer puzzled. They wondered why he was here.

“Your friends from the coven sent me.” Riker said. Riker handed Willow the data pad already keyed to the relevant data. The screen showed a series of druid glyphs. Willow read over the ancient writings with mounting excitement.

“This is it!” she shouted. “This is the activation spell! How did you get it?” she asked.

“Friends of yours gave it to me. They said that you would need this for what’s to come. “Riker said.

“How did they know? Giles and I only came up with this plan a few weeks ago?” asked Willow.

“They pulled it from their archives. They said that they remembered how you did it the first time.” Riker said puzzled.
Something clicked into place. Data had a question.

“Sir, why are you here now?” he asked.

**One Hour Ago**

Commander Riker took the message from Starfleet. It had come over a secured channel and had been marked ears only. This meant that the message could not be relayed. He had to hear it for himself. Riker placed the sound buds in his ear and pressed the “receive” button. The voice of a young girl filled his ear. It was the coven. He had not heard from them since he was a freshman at the academy. The message ended with a question. The question was “Will you accept?”

“Yes.” Riker replied. At his response gigabytes of encrypted files and secret command codes unlocked. He now had shadow control of the Enterprise and several Constitution-class starships. Riker remembered the question they had asked him.

“Seeing what you have seen and knowing what you now know will you accept your commission as a fully vested and active Watcher?”

“Yes” he had told them. The coven gave him a set of instructions, the activation spell and the location of Willow and Data. Riker made his way to the teleport pads. He would make his excuses to the captain later.


Kennedy had been hiding in the sewers. She didn’t like it one bit. She didn’t like this whole Sunnydale scene. This town was crawling with monsters. There were always creepy-crawlies then the Turok-Han appear and now these weird tech zombies. When the cube appeared over Buffy’s house she and everyone else had scattered. Now she was alone and on the run. She hoped that Willow was ok. Kennedy splashed in the sewage beneath her not daring to look down or think about what she was stepping in. A Borg drone appeared directly in front of her.

“You will be assimilated.” It said.

Kennedy stopped dead in her tracks. Her raven black hair fluttered on her shoulders.

“Don’t Wanna.” She said. Kennedy began backing up. The Drone moved faster that she thought it could. The Drone stabbed her in the neck with a pair of tubules filled with nanoprobes. The tiny machines filled her bloodstream beginning the process of assimilation. Aboard the Borg cube the Hive mind noticed a disturbance. The Human was filled with metaphasic energy. That energy spread throughout the ship in a flash. The Borg was changed. Their thought processes began to focus on the patterns of invisible energies. Names unknown came to them. They knew the names of the four winds, the true name of the Goddess. The Borg meditated on the mathematics of Eyrishon.

The metal of the ship buckled. Great black towers of Obsidian blackness rose at the cardinal points of the cube. The world inside the cube melted. The skin of space was torn from the face of the framework of reality. Screams from Hell could be heard inside the ship. The engines of the Borg ship died. The ship was being held aloft by forces unnatural. The hive mind recoiled. It traced the flow of metaphasic energy back to its origin. In a near panic the Borg drone reversed the flow of nanoprobes out of Kennedy. When he was done. The drone collapsed. It’s connection to the Hive mind was severed. The machines that sustained its life were ruined burned out clumps of metal. Aboard the Borg cube, the hive mind began to consider an alternate plan to get the information about the transwarp core that brought it here.


5. Chapter 5

CBS and Paramount own the rights to the Star Trek TV and film franchise. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

The trillions of minds in the Borg Collective paused to watch as the last dregs of metaphasic energy from the failed assimilation of the slayer Kennedy flickered and died. The collective has intrigued. Trillions of minds focused on the last spark of dying energy. They gave it their full attention. The energy responded and inflated. That tiny spark expanded. Something beyond the world grabbed it and used it to wedge itself into the world of men.

Three of Five strode down the darkened halls of the Borg Cube. It was a simple drone designed to adjust plasma levels throughout the ship. It felt a flux in energy levels near it. The drone scanned the space around it to locate the energy flux. A small spark of light appeared in its view. The spark expanded. A hooded man appeared in an Elderish glow. Three of five scanned the stranger. The readings were not like anything it had ever encountered before. The drone stopped for a moment unsure of what it should do next. The hooded man touched the nearest alcove. Metal melted. Green sparks lit the air. The drone smelled ozone and smoke. Glowing eyes turned towards the drone. Three of five was incapable of fear. All emotions had been removed during assimilation. The Borg believed it was more efficient to function without a soul. Three of five delivered the standard Borg greeting.

*“We are the Borg. You will be assimilated. Your biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own. Resistance is futile”* Three of five moved forward to assimilate the hooded man. Borg tubules sprang from the knuckles of the Borg like metal claws. Before the tubules could penetrate flesh the hooded man slapped them aside. A pulse of light lit the Borg drone. Implants began to detach from the drone and drop to the floor. Flesh, long violated by the Borg began to heal. Metal and organic carbon wires buried deep in his body began to dissolve. Within seconds, memories buried for centuries began to return. The drone remembered the death of his family. He remembered the Borg assimilating his wife and child. Their screams echoed in his head.

“No…” The drone muttered. It was the first words he had spoken of his own violation since the Borg had taken his life for the collective. The hooded man opened his hand. A pulse of energy burst outward. The walls of the Borg ship changed. Ancient runes appeared on the walls in the color of dried blood. The words glowed. The hooded man appeared to grow in size. The humanoid formally known as three of five needed to know something.

“Who are you?” he asked.

“I was here before the stars, before the word. I am the true beginning of everything.” The hooded man pulled the dirty black hood from his head revealing his scarred and tattooed face. “Men have tried to name me. They called me the First, they called me the First Evil!”

The collective paused. They had heard that designation before. There were planets in the Delta quadrant that had humanoid civilizations thousands of years older than Humans. They spoke of a being called the First Evil. It was a source of incredible power and infinitely dangerous. The humanoids in the Delta quadrant had ways to contain it. The Collective began working on a solution. The Borg knew of a metal that could conduct metaphasic energy. They found it on a small moon orbiting near a dying star. This metal was special. It would conduct metaphasic energy as well as copper conducted electricity. Within milliseconds the Borg had generated the complete schematics for a containment cube for the First. The energy levels needed to activate the trap were not available as long as they remained in the gravity field of Earth. The cube began to move. Within minutes it was free of the Earths atmosphere. The enterprise remained where it was. Its crew watched as the Borg cube hovered in geosynchronous orbit above Sunnydale.

The machine shops were efficient. The Borg had manufactured a prototype cage in only a matter of minutes. Several Borg approached the First. Waves of mystical energy rolled off the First acting as a shield. The Borg adjusted to the harmonics of the Firsts magics and stepped through the shield. The Borg opened the lid to the metal box they held. The First wavered. Sparks shot from his form. A look of utter shock spread across his face.

“No!” screamed the First. His image faded as he was pulled into the cage. His words, high and shrill echoed in the hallway.

“You fools!” The First screamed at them. “Something more powerful and more dangerous than me is on its way. “The prime slayer is the key. Locate the prime slayer!” The First trembled then collapsed into a pinpoint of energy at the subatomic level. The drones put the cage away. They went to assimilate the formal three of five.

The collective felt assured. They knew that now they had a way of dealing with the strange lifeforms on the planet beneath them. Now nothing could stop them from achieving their goals. The Borg renewed their hunt for Buffy Summers.


6. Chapter 6

CBS and Paramount own the rights to the Star Trek TV and film franchise. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

A swarm of Klingon D-5 battleships swarmed up from the Earth. They followed the Borg cube into low orbit. Phaser fire was exchanged. Bright orange-white explosions blossomed against the velvet darkness of space. The billions of minds in the Borg continuum focused on other things. The dying dregs of metaphasic energy from the being that called itself the First evil mingled with the collective focus of the continuum. They found ways to use it, to mold it, to assimilate it into the collective. By a sheer act of will they forced every communication channel on every Borg collective to operate a trillion times faster. They blessed the warp core of every cube in the Continuum with the power to push their ships at a speed tens of thousands of times the speed of light. The Borg became a race of sorcerers. They blessed the Continuum making thousands of upgrades to Borg cubes throughout the galaxy. The metaphasic energy died. When it was gone the Borg returned to normal. Core programming asserted itself. The Borg resumed their search for Buffy Summers.

Quietly Buffy handed the blades to Khan. They were in Principal Woodside’s office. Khan had discovered a secret panel behind a wall that held various medieval weapons.

“I hope these will be enough.” Buffy said as he turned to take another weapon from the wall. She turned to hand the blade to Khan and gasped.

“Idiot!” Buffy hissed. Khan had left her side and was now fighting one of the Borg. Buffy watched in wonder as the young man pinned the arm of the Borg drone to the wall. The blades on the tip of the cyborg arm sliced empty air. Khan held the other arm of the drone and slammed it against his knee. Buffy could hear the sound of the Drone’s bones breaking. Khan punched the Drone in the chest. Armor plating bent snagging on the armored heart of the drone. The drone shuttered. Khan relaxed for a moment. The drone shifted. It brought its arm down. Grey tubules shot from its hand stabbing Khan in the neck. Nanobots filled his body. Billions of voices filled his mind. Assimilation had begun.

The metaphasic energy of Khan poured in the Borg blinding the Continuum. The blast of mystical energy from the augment overwhelmed them. The Borg froze. The head of the Borg jerked back as Buffy cut the nutrient tube feeding it. She didn’t know what killed these creatures but she knew that they were part machine and machines needed parts that connected. Buffy cut several other wires and tubes hoping to disable the Borg. The drone was still alive and assimilating Khan. So, she went into slayer mode. She took the Arming Sword and stabbed the Drone through the heart. The Drone slumped over dead. The other two drones behind her were frozen as well. All the Borg drones has come to a dead stop. She looked at Khan and the drones and made a decision. The augment looked pale and near death. Buffy grabbed Khan and heaved him across her shoulder. She took Kahn and scurried away from the drones.

“Captain, this is weird.” Said Riker as he motioned at the control panel. Captain Picard came to the command panel manned by Riker. He looked at the numbers and the simple graphics. The readings puzzled him. He had never seen any readings like this before. The lifesigns from the Borg cube were stuck. Normally, lifesigns showed variations related to routine metabolic processes. The lifesigns from the Borg cube were static. It was if the Borg were caught between moments. They were frozen.

“Get them out!” Picard said to Riker. He understood the opportunity of this moment. Since this whole thing started the Klingon third battle fleet had been at war with the Borg cube. Hundreds of Klingons had been taken by the Borg for assimilation. Picard was ordering Riker to rescue them. Riker keyed the watch officer in the teleportation chamber.

“Lock on to the life signs I’m sending you and beam them to medical containment. “Riker said to the teleport officer. “I’ll alert Crusher.” Riker said to the captain. The Enterprise began to beam out hundreds of Klingons from the cube.

The Collective gasped. The metaphasic energy flood from Khan had temporally blinded them. The Borg shut down. The Borg froze and then adapted. The Collective created an array of minds that guided the river of energy from Khan into grounding paths made from the same metal they had used to trap the First. The effects of Khans energy faded. The Borg regained control of their Drones. The influence of Khan’s mystical energy on them was fading but his memories remained. In a flash, the Borg knew about Dr. Soong and what he had done to create the Augments. They knew about the augment attack on cold station 12. They knew about the asteroids and the Klingons attempt to create their own slayers. The Borg learned about slayers and for a second time a name had come to them. The collective initiated an isolation protocol. They sent a kill command to the nanobots inside of Khan. The tiny robots inside of his body became inert.

There were hundreds of mutilated Klingons in the medical containment area. Around Riker and Picard lay hundreds of Klingons in various stages of assimilation. Some had already had limbs removed and replaced with cybernetic machinery. Picard looked them over with growing disapproval. He remembered being assimilated by the Borg. He remembered the pain and shock of being violated by them. Picard could hardly contain his rage. He whispered something to Riker.

“A nova bomb has a two-light year blast radius.” He said. Riker looked at him oddly. Nova bombs were banned by the federation. They were weapons of last resort. A single nova bomb would cause a star to flair. It could wipe out an entire solar system planets and all. Riker could imagine what the captain was feeling. Riker pretended to examine the rows of Klingons spread out before him as his mind churned over the strange comments made by the captain.

“We would need to move the cube.” Riker said.

“I’m well familiar with the temporal prime directive.” Picard replied. “I don’t wish to eliminate my own existence.” There was a moment of silence between the two men.

Suddenly, Picard turned and walked towards the exit. Riker scurried to catch up with him.

“Let’s see what other options we have. Shall we?” Picard said to Riker.

“Agreed sir.” Riker said as the doors of the elevator closed and hey headed towards the bridge.

Buffy dropped Khan in the hallway near the stairs to the basement. She had been carrying Khan for a while. She wasn’t tired. She just needed a moment to clear her head. She had no idea what those tech zombies where or what they wanted but every sense she had registered them as a threat. Khan did not look good. He skin was ashen and clammy. Whatever that tech zombie had injected him with would have killed a normal human by now but Khan was a superman created by Dr Noonien Soong in the belief that better people would make a better world. What he forgot was that increased power created increased ambition. He never considered that a superior people would feel the need to assert that superiority over the rest of the world. Buffy placed two fingers against Khan’s neck. His pulse was low and weak.

“I’ve got to find Willow.” Buffy thought as she made her plans.


7. Chapter 7

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