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1. Chapter 1

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The Earth, in the beginning, was not a paradise. It was a Hell. Creatures not spawn of nature, the Old Ones, warred among themselves as easily we breathed.
When they died, their essence persisted outside of time, immune to decay or corruption waiting for the day of resurrection.

-R Giles

“In the beginning, before the time of man, great beings walked the earth. Untold power emanated from all quarters—the seeds of what would come to be known as good and evil.
But the shadows stretched and became darkness, and the malevolent among us grew stronger. The earth became a demon realm.”

~ Jasmine explaining the origin of the Old Ones and the Powers That Be

Buffy was feeling better now. For the last few weeks she had been bed ridden from the effects of being a human-alien hybrid. She’d became a creature known as Hive, a creature of such singular power that she was able to stand between the Alien species and the Predators that hunted them. As Hive she defeated the blood zombie known as Barik Null. As Hive, she had resurrected an Old One, torn open space and launched an army against the Predators. As Hive, she had single handedly stood up to a million ship fleet and defeated them using the power of the Key to destroy space itself.

And as Buffy Summers, she had killed her best friend. Under the effects of the Janus spell Buffy reacted like an Alien. She tore into Willow with her nails and teeth. Willow died screaming as Buffy acquired the blood memories of powerful magics. Buffy had to admit to herself that this time saving the world came at too high a price. She checked her appearance in the mirror one final time. She decided to go with a simple tan blouse and slacks. It made her look serious.

Buffy turned and made her way down the stairs. Willow’s parents were waiting for her. Buffy was going to level with them. She was going to tell them everything. They deserved to know the truth. And with that Buffy accepted the fact that from this moment on, in the eyes of Willow’s family, she would always be hated.

“Perhaps.” Buffy thought. “I deserve it.”

The Home world of the Aliens

This was not the way it was done. For billions of years, there was only one queen on the throne. When the old queen died, the throne selected the next queen of queens. Illyria would have none of that. Illyria was an Old One in the body of an alien. She was the god-king of the primordium. She had been released by Hive from the deeper well to serve as her war master. The Queen-of-Queens had recruited her to fight on behalf of the throne. Illyria was accustomed to having a throne of her own. She would serve no master but her own ambitions.

The two aliens circled each other in the ancient dance of death. One was three times larger than the simple drone that challenged it. The old queen screeched one final warning to Illyria. Her next move would be to tear her apart. The Queen leapt. As she landed Illyria became a blur. The Old One slowed time around the queen. Illyria stepped up the Queen while she was in mid air and sliced across her throat with her razor sharp claws. The black shell of the queen opened easily. Drops of acid blood hung in the air. Illyria then took the rigid point of her stiff fingers and drove them into the sternum of the queen. She walked casually back to the throne and sat upon it. Illyria released time. She wanted to hear the death sounds of the old queen. Her screams echoed in the huge chamber.

As the old queen lay dying, the magics of the throne dug into Illyria. She could feel billions of years of knowledge and magics flow into her. She knew the true history of the galaxy and all of its secrets. She understood now. The power was in the throne. The throne of Queens was a simple black rock blessed with powerful magic. The throne served as a connection between points in space and points in time.

The sheer scale of it overwhelmed her. Even now blood memories were flowing in from distant points in the galaxy. In the Tau Ceti system a group of copper miners were attacked by drones and impregnated. Illyria got a complete view of their civilization including shipping routes and inhabited planets. She ordered drones to deploy along shipping lanes. In the flagship of the predator fleet, Illyria could sense survivors hibernating in the cold waste of the “Aerial Strike” as it orbited the burning streamers of gas that were the remains of the planet Jupiter. She ordered them to sleep. She would have need of them later.

On Earth she saw a handful of her children hiding in the sewers. She knew what she wanted from them. She ordered them to eliminate the traitor known as Hive.
The old queen took her last breath and died. Illyria was relieved.

“Now my reign can start.” Illyria thought. The sounds of the old queen dying unleashed a flood of memories from her own time as an Old One. When she had reviewed the memories from her own time and the times that predated her she knew what she must do.

“We have been lost for too long.“ Illyria thought. “We have unfinished business with the Engineers. I will awaken Messiah. We will ascend, we will be saved and the Earth will burn.”

She was at a party. Andorra Null stood in a crowded field. In the center of the field was a huge bonfire. Hundreds of family members danced and drank and retold stories of the Great Hunt. Celebrations had been going on for weeks. They had successfully gone to the cursed place and hunted the devils that dishonored their ancestor. Her own brother had gone into the dimension of the Senior Partners and killed them all. The blood hunt was successful. The spirit of Barik Null was now at peace. Andorra knew he was happily hunting souls in the afterlife.

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