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“The Gem of Amara can only protect you for so long. “ Mesektet said in her little girl voice. “In the end the void consumes everything.” Angel could feel himself becoming weaker. His skin began to crack. He said one word.

“Messiah…” His voice was fading and weak. Mesektet frowned.

“idiots.” She said. “You never asked yourself why the Earth will burn.” A flash of blue white lighting came out of nowhere slamming Mesektet backwards.

The woman chosen by Angel to join the strike team was dressed in a black halter top and red leather pants. Gwen Raiden stepped out from behind the Hummer.

“Get away from him you bitch!” She yelled.

12. Chapter 12

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Rock shattered as her scythe deflected off of the skull of the alien. It was barely deflected as razor sharp claws sliced at her soft pink skin. Buffy twisted. The edge of her scythe sliced across the alien. She jerked backwards avoiding the blood. Andorra was behind her firing balls of blue white plasma. The taller Predator laid down suppression fire taking out dozens of aliens in the process. The Xenomorphs were not deterred. Dozens of them raced towards the hunters determined to commit murder.

“What is it about her?” Andorra thought. She could feel supernatural energies radiating off of Buffy. Her newly activated genes flooded her mind with information she had never had before. It was like a third eye had opened. Something black and hard scrambled across the rocks in the back of her. Andorra slashed downwards with her hunting blade. The alien split in two. Green white blood exploded into the air. Andorra followed the arc of the blade as she turned towards Buffy. The energies of the slayer still spoke to her.

“She is supernatural.” Andorra thought. “But I have no desire to hunt her.” Andorra was amazed at her thoughts. The supernatural were always a great source of points. She had earned over half a billion points by killing the First. Another thought danced at the back of her mind.

“She killed the ancestor!” Andorra knew that Barik Null had been killed by the Senior Partners and reanimated as a blood zombie. She had seen the holographic record. Still, it felt like Buffy was her ancestor’s true killer. A screech came across the cave shattering her thoughts. It made a sound like all the horrors of the night, like the rusted screech of ancient steel twisted by unholy forces. Both Buffy and Andorra looked at each other.

An alien Queen lumbered towards them. The Queen was well over thirty feet tall. Its regal crown jutted into the air far above the tiny drones that scurried around it. The Queen opened its jaws revealing a pair of sharp vampire teeth. It bellowed. The sound of its roar filled the cavern.

“You gotta be kidding me!” Buffy said. Illyria had transformed the alien into a vampire with her magics. Buffy and Andorra separated. The Queen turned towards Buffy ignoring the Predator.
“She thinks you’re me.” The memory of Hive said to Buffy. “Illyria sent this thing to kill me.” The Queen charged knocking boulders and rocks out of the way. A hand larger than a man swept down towards Buffy. She jumped and twisted in mid-air.

Matris protegat armis” The memory of Willow spoke. Fire sprang from the palm of Buffy’s hand and lit up the side of the Queen’s face. It screamed. Black smoke curled off the side of its burnt shell. The memory of Hive spoke to Buffy.

“This is like nothing you have ever seen before.” Hive said. “It’s a vampire and a child of the shadow. It can update tactical blood memories in real time. The more it feeds, the stronger and smarter it gets. The last one that existed could only be killed by an Old One.” Buffy didn’t care. She was busy trying not to die.

“Too bad we don’t have an air duct to duck into.” Hive said. “There was a colony on LV-426…” Buffy ignored her. The slayer within her was screaming. Buffy could feel the energies of the slayer shifting, reorganizing in the face of such primeval evil. She moved without thinking. The Queen chased after her. Buffy scampered up a stalactite. The Queen charged without thinking. Her mouth opened revealing crystal teeth over three feet long. Buffy leapt into the air and hung there for long moments. She landed with a thump on the back of the queen and jammed the scythe into the alien flesh to stabilize her. Huge claws scratched the air trying to reach her.

The memory of Willow chanted within her. Hive fed her whatever blood memories remained. In cascading waves power built within Buffy. She felt forces older than the Old Ones trickle up her belly. Her hair stirred in the wind from another world. The spirit of the Slayer awakened within her. Her eyes turned black. She ripped the scythe from the back of Queen. The Queen twisted and flung Buffy into the air. She hung there for long moments.

The Queen was fast. She twisted to meet the slayer with her jaws extended. Buffy spoke the last part of the spell. Something grabbed her, stopped her movement in the air, then flung Buffy like a spear through the heart of the Queen. Buffy slammed into the oily black shell. She held the scythe pointed end first. She exploded out of the back of the alien and touched down nearly twenty-five feet away. She flexed her knees as she landed. Behind her, the Queen exploded in a cloud of dust. Andorra watched with awe. This was the beast that had killed Barik Null. She was impressed. The human was a great hunter. Buffy walked up to her.

“So what do we do now?” Buffy asked. She observed the Predator. Buffy could tell that it was clearly female. It had the classic female shape of hips and breasts. But that was where the resemblance stopped. The predator was over a foot and a half taller than her. Her skin was a mottled golden brown. The predator’s face held two eyes and a nose but the mouth had an outer and inner jaw. On her head her black hair was a crown of proud dreadlocks. The predator tapped its wristband. Translation computers came online.

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