Buffy AVP: Messiah

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“You were not alone when you unleashed me upon the Yautja fleet.” Illyria said. “By your command, we slaughtered thousands together.”

“I’ve scaled down since then.” Buffy said as she tightened her grip on her scythe. “Today I’m only going to slaughter one.” Buffy felt the tattoo on her cheek itch. She remembered what she was and why she was here. She remembered what she had been doing in Sunnydale for the last seven years.

“Sorry Vader, not joining the dark side.” She spat back. Illyria turned her head slightly as she digested Buffy’s answer.

The ritual of invocation continued its work. The energies of Messiah were leaking back into the universe. Buffy could feel it affecting her. She felt like a predator, like a caged animal ready to strike. The slayer within her had awakened. This felt far different than the joining spell. She was not just joined to the source of her power. She was becoming the power. The source of the slayer was crossing the dimensions between worlds. It was coming for her. It was lumbering into her like a vast and graceful monster. Buffy felt oceans of power swell within her. She felt larger than this world, larger than the small creature that offered her the pursuit of trivial things. Her eyes held faint tints of orange color. She flicked her scythe. The blade whistled in the air. Illyria wasn’t fast enough. Her left arm was cut off before she could move. Illyria howled as a piece of her popped into the air, flipped backwards then landed yards away. The scythe curved in mid-air then flew back into Buffy’s hands.

“None of you understand what I am.” Buffy said. Her voice was thick as molasses. It was deep and booming. “You Old One’s, you children of the Engineers are the children of vanity. “

Illyria was still screaming when she attacked. She launched herself at Buffy who twisted and slashed down with the edge of the scythe. This time Illyria was ready. Her blade smashed into Illyria’s shields. Yellow green light flashed. Illyria was knocked to the side. The ground beneath them tilted. Messiah was moving. Eldritch fire filled the world around them. Illyria disappeared behind the flames. Buffy could not see her. She moved into the fire. She could hear the world around her cracking as Messiah roused itself from its billion year long sleep. Miles away, pillars of fire shot into the air venting millions of years of accumulated gasses. Suddenly, the sky split open. Messiah was no longer in its pocket universe out of phase with reality. It was back on Earth in the world of men.

“We got a hit!” Someone yelled. Technicians had been watching the arctic for hours now. High definition images rained down from Wolf Ram and Hart satellites in geosynchronous orbit. On every screen was the impossible image of a monstrous disc only a little smaller than the arctic itself moving like a slow drop of thick blood against the blue white ice.

Messiah is rising.” Angel thought. He glanced at the firing panel. The lights still showed red. Billions of computers spread out over billions of universes had still not reached a unanimous solution. The machines that wove the precise magic demanded perfection. The room shook. This was the sixth earthquake in the last hour. The effects of Messiah were being felt even here.

“Hurry up! Hurry up!” Angel thought. He saw a flash of green and yellow energy flicker across the huge shape of Messiah. Mystic afterbirth illuminated the cold blue ocean. Angel could see things with tentacles and claws pull themselves out of the water.

“Soon it’s going to awaken the Old Ones and then the end will come.” He knew then that all options were gone. Now he had only choices to make. The lights blinked a moment as the building shook again.

She was blinded by fire. The mystical energies of Messiah filled the world. She was hunting Illyria. The Alien had disappeared into the shadows of the flames. Buffy walked slowly. She scanned the world around her. The air shifted as a portal opened. Illyria appeared. She moved without thinking. Buffy dropped her scythe as she reached out and grabbed Illyria with her bare hands. Her fingernails dug into its head. The alien screamed as it squirmed. She held on tightly to it. Her eyes were wide. She looked wild as she dug her fingernails into Illyria. The alien pushed into her. She pushed back.

“I am the slayer.” She said. “I am the Destroyer made flesh.” Razor sharp claws lashed out at her slicing flesh. Buffy ignored the pain. She gripped Illyria’s head with both hands and tore her head in half. Acid blood splashed across her upper body. Buffy transformed it into harmless water.

Messiah shuttered. Buffy was thrown off her feet. The alien corpse began to move. The headless alien struggled to its feet.

“It’s too late.” Buffy could hear Illyria say. “The Old Ones are rising. The resurrection has begun.” White light filled the world around them. Messiah was calling for the Old One’s to rise.

The building shook again.

“What’s the damage?” Angel asked. The technician did some quick calculations in her head. It was all a guessimation to her. No one had ever used the weapon in the history of Wolf Ram and Hart.

“Well, assuming we can aim it right we’ll achieve minimum damage. The arctic ice caps are gone for sure and everything down to the 80th parallel is burnt. Greenland might get singed. The ecological damage can’t be underestimated. “The technician thought for a moment. “Of course, I would be more concerned about pushing the Earth out of orbit. We are dealing with some hellish energies here.”

Angel smiled. “Too bad we couldn’t ask Mesektet to take that curse off the sun. It would have been really nice to see daylight for a change.”

“We all have our regrets.” The technician said sadly. Angel understood and nodded his head. He had made his choice. The lights on the panel had turned green. He fired the weapon.

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