Buffy AVP: Messiah

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“Stay back!” Buffy yelled. “This is strictly between them!”

The Alien and Predator separated and circled each other. A high pitched whine filled the room. A plasma cannon was charging. The alien shifted backwards then disappeared.

“Everybody down!” Buffy yelled. Buffy, Willow, Manning and Dawn hit the floor. The predator unleashed a glowing diamond laced bullwhip that circled once around it’s head then cracked the air as the predator whipped the room. On the third crack, acid blood splattered against the wall burning the wallpaper. The alien reappeared. It had a long bleeding scar running along it’s side. The Predator lunged. The alien skittered up the wall. Buffy watched open mouthed as it crawled along the ceiling. The Predator shook a block of metal. It shape shifted into a six foot metallic spear. The predator aimed once and threw it. It nailed the alien through the center. It loosed its hold on the ceiling and fell to the floor. Andorra stood over it a moment. She took her machete and swung. The Alien’s head off. Acid blood burned the floor. Buffy walked up to the Predator and tapped her on the shoulder. The predator turned to look at her.

“You’re going to pay for that.” Buffy said .


“So what else did you get Buffy?” Xander asked. They were in her room. Mysterious packages had been arriving all week long. This was after a small fleet of robots had showed in the middle of the night to repair the Summer’s home.

“I ordered one other thing.” Buffy showed him the black scythe she ordered from the weapons catalog. Buffy held the predator weapon. She watched it as it’s grey metal blade shimmered in the light sending out silver white sparkles. It was their version of the scythe. As she held it, she could see a set of four cryptic runes slowly appear on the handle. She examined the weapon with great enthusiasm.

“I can’t wait to see what this thing does.” Buffy said as she smiled.

Near the Yautja Home world:

Andorra hovered above the blue white ball that was home. She could see bright white clouds and deep blue water from where she hung in orbit. The flagship “Aerial Strike” was safely home in the family shipyards. She had received her score from the exchange and was quite happy with it. She was making a decision. The genes of the Old Ones were active in her now. She was unique in all her species. She was the only Yautja that remembered her purpose. The Yautja were build to hunt the Old Ones. Andorra knew that now. She had made her decision. Fusion engines sprang to life as she aimed her ship to the furthest edges of the big playground. She could feel the other Old Ones sleeping in the planets nearby.

The Predator started her hunt.

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