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“I loved Willow.” Buffy said. She struggled to find the words. “She always there for me in ways I can’t even began to tell you.”

“Yeah, like the time I brought you back to life. Sorry about leaving you in the grave.” Said the memory of Willow. Buffy stopped a moment. She could hear Willow softly talking in her head. Buffy cleared her throat and continued.

“I killed your daughter.” Buffy said. The faces of Willow’s parents looked and at her with a blank expression of wonderment. Their brains were still processing what they had just heard.

“We did a spell to make me an alien.” Buffy rushed to explain. “But we didn’t know the alien was a xenophobe. It though, I thought, Willow was a foreign intrusion into…” Buffy loathed to say the word but she forced herself to say it anyway. “…the Hive”

“Do you know where she is!” Willow’s mother asked. Buffy could see the desperation on her pale face. As Buffy was about to tell her, she saw a shadow move across the main window of the room. She had a bad feeling.

“Dawn, scythe now!” she said to her sister. Dawn ran to the weapons chest she kept in the living room. She had the chest open and the scythe in her hands when an Alien burst into the room. It smashed through the wooden door sending splinters everywhere. The alien was well over eight feet tall. It’s skin was as black as the grave. It had no eyes but Buffy could tell it was looking directly at her.

“I used to be you.” Buffy muttered to herself. The alien leapt. It slammed into Buffy. Both of them rolled together on the floor. Buffy could hear Willow’s mother screaming. She didn’t care. She could feel the sheer energy of the Old Ones pouring out of the alien. This was one of Illyria’s children. It was a supernatural creature now. The slayer within her awakened.

Buffy sat up forcing the alien back. She shoved it off of her and reached for her scythe. The Alien screeched. It’s mouth opened. Silicon teeth appeared then a second mouth. The Alien lunged towards Buffy with its claws extended. Buffy swung. The edge of the scythe’s blade sliced across the alien penetrating its shell and cutting into the flesh. The Alien’s head partially came off. Acid blood splattered out as its body slumped to the floor. Buffy jumped back. She looked at her blade in amazement. The acid blood did not melt her blade.

“Thank you Guardians!” Buffy thought. She felt a presence behind her. It was a second Alien. Buffy flipped the scythe bringing up the pointed end. She and the alien circled each other a moment. The alien was fast. Razor sharp claws sliced at her shoulder. Buffy blocked the pain. Vampire, werewolf, mummy, it didn’t matter. Stab something long enough and it died. She penetrated the alien in one stroke. The wooden end of the scythe covered in alien entrails poked out of the other side of the alien. Buffy yanked it out and pushed the alien away with one hand.

“Buffy, Watch out!” yelled Giles. The side of his face was bloody. Two of his ribs were broken. Buffy turned. A third alien was already airborn. All Buffy could see was sharp bright teeth flying towards her.

Incendo” said the memory of Willow. The alien burst into flames in midair. Buffy dodged the burning corpse as it hit the floor. She could hear several aliens crawling around upstairs. She watched in a slow motion horror as they came slowly down the stairs. They were beautiful and horrifying at the same time.

“I can tell you what happened.” said the echo of Hive in her mind. “Illyria is trying to kill you.”

“Yeah.” said Buffy to herself. “The Predators are gone. Now I’m at war with Illyria and her Alien horde. “I don’t care.” Buffy thought. She was sick of dealing with the aliens. It was because of them that Willow was dead.

“Bring your horde Illyria, I’ll kill them, I’ll kill them all!” Buffy yelled as she lunged into battle.

3. Chapter 3

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The house was torn to pieces.

Buffy had fought and killed a dozen aliens in vicious hand to hand combat. She had gone into berserker mode. She was working out her grief. Today, it just hit her that Willow was dead, really really dead. She refused to cry. She mourned by hacking the Aliens to pieces. The memory of Willow helped out when it could. But Buffy wouldn’t let her help too much. She didn’t just want the Aliens to die. She wanted to kill them. Towards the end, a few of the aliens tried to run away. Buffy hunted then down with a brutal efficiency that would have made the Yautja proud.

She had cornered the last alien in an alley a block from her home. As she walked back, she ignored the deep bleeding gouges across her chest. Her tan blouse was soaked in her bright red blood. She didn’t even feel the scratches on her face. As she came upon her house she noticed that the front door was gone. It was reduced to a ragged wood fragment hanging on its frame. The side of the house had a hole large enough to walk through. There were shingles scattered over the front yard after she had chased an alien up to the attic. She stopped for a moment to take it in. The roof of the house was on fire. She could hear sirens coming her way.

She was not satisfied. She knew the real target of her anger was herself. Buffy didn’t have a soul for self loathing. She simply made a choice to find and kill every alien on Earth and then Illyria herself.

She met Willow’s parents in the yard. They had minor cuts and scrapes as well. Willow’s mother was tall with pale skin and dark red hair. There was a long scar on her arm covered in blood that was only slightly darker than her hair.

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