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“Is this hell?” Andorra thought. “Never before has there been such a vulgar display of the unnatural.” She was right. No Yautja had ever encountered such a concentration of supernatural creatures. Something else was bothering her. Andorra began to have sensations she’d never had before. It felt like her brain was itching from the inside. The extreme presence of the supernatural was awakening genes that been dormant in the Yautja for millions of years. Her vision rippled. Time shattered for her. It felt as if she was living seven lives at once. She felt herself standing on the primordial Earth. Silhouetted in the fires of the new born planet the monstrous forms of the Old Ones were everywhere. She lifted her head. A ship miles across floated in the air in an impossible silence. She saw the Engineers working their strange machines. One of the Engineers saw her.

“You’re not supposed to be here!” It said. Blackness covered her vision. It returned again. She saw the cracked facemask of Barik Null. It was on a shelf, next to the polished white alien skull send to the Buffy Summers.

“There was a time when I was a god to a god.” Andorra could hear Illyria say. She saw Illyria in her true form. A headless creature hundreds of feet tall stood before her. Andorra was hypnotized by it’s long tentacles waiving in the air. Someone pushed her aside as teeth barely missed her. Her visions collapsed. Her facemask display showed her a screen full of monsters. Something moved. She stood and laid down a round of suppressor fire strafing the wall of monsters with balls of blue white fire.

A facehugger with yellow brown skin jumped at her. She pulled the trigger. One blast came out of the gun. The facehugger exploded. Entrails covered her facemask. Andorra pulled it off without thinking.

Her eyes amazed her. She could see the world around her in the pitch black. To her, the “Aerial Strike” was a blue white wonderland of horror. Far up the curve of the world she could see the blue ice in a frozen river hundreds of miles away. She could see huge six foot tall creatures that looked like albino penguins with their blood red eyes and pale pink skin creatures not seen since the cold wastes of Kadath. The horrors told her what to do. She opened her wristband and called her ship. She said one word.


The ship heard her. The artificial intelligence aboard her ship issued orders to the computers that controlled the “Ariel Strike”. The “Aerial Strike” reviewed the orders and microseconds later agreed. It activated it’s hyper drives. The length of the asteroid rumbled. It shook as terrifying forces bubbled up from the engine room. The concentrated rings of exotic matter that lined the asteroid came to life. The laws of physics shifted. The hyper drive activated but the ship did not move. The A.I ran the hyper-drive up to full power, and then turned the space warping fields inward into the tender interior of the asteroid. Instantaneously everything inside the ship jumped into hyperspace for a fraction of a second.

It took Andorra’s ship a full day to find her floating in Jupiter’s orbit. When she was well enough, she checked her score. She was pleased at the points she had earned. It was a good hunt.

6. Chapter 6

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Cordelia stood looking out the window framed in a halo of sunlight. Her back was towards Angel and everyone else in the room. She was lost in her thoughts. He had delivered the first part of the message given to her by the Powers That Be. She was preparing herself to deliver the second part of the message. She knew this part was going to suck badly. She turned her head and saw Angel looking at her intensely. She knew what he was thinking. They had worked side by side for years. Feelings had developed between them.

“I’m sorry baby.” She said. “Cordelia is gone.” Angel understood. He hung his head and let his grief overwhelm him. Cordelia made her way back to the table.

“This is the stuff I left out.” She said.


The Engineers knew there was a problem. The Old Ones were an artificial lifeform made from synthetic genes imbued with magic. The Old Ones were built by magic to contain magic. The Engineers were building gods. The engineers wanted to explore the emergence of spiritual forces as a by-product of natural selection. Their goals were almost the same as the thesis paper written by Eve billions of years afterwards. The Engineers knew there was an interaction between flesh and sprit. They called the process synthesis. The Senior Partners would take up the exploration of that idea billions of years later with Barik Null and Buffy Summers. But there was something the Engineers missed.

The divine cannot be contained.

The genes they used to create the Old Ones escaped the ancient Earth. They spread like magic throughout the galaxy. Unless they found a way to contain what they had unleashed, creation itself would be overrun with monsters. So they did two things. They took the suggestions of the Senior Partners and ascended to a higher plane of existence effectively cutting off the contamination and secondly, they found a race of Predators and made it so they would hunt the supernatural but only if they encountered something that had the same genes as the Old Ones.


“It was one of those Predators that took out Los Angeles. “ Cordelia said. She smiled to herself. “Looks like our hunting dogs have developed a mind of their own.” Angel looked at her strangely. There was something missing from that story.

“How could these “Predators” hunt the Old Ones if the Old Ones are in the deeper well here on Earth?”

“Simple.” Cordelia answered. “Billions of years ago, the Earth and the predator home world were next door neighbors separated only by a few hundred million miles. Earth was once part of the Yautja solar system.”

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