A Matter of Honor

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. Chapter 1CBS and Paramount own the rights to the Star Trek TV and film franchise. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

Operations Admiral Amanda Rosenberg stepped into her office at Starfleet. She was a middle-aged woman nearly six feet tall with raven black hair and a generally pleasant almond shaped face. Her subordinates scurried around the huge five thousand square foot office. Reports were still pouring in from the catastrophe at Wolf 359. The Battle of Wolf 359 was a major setback for the Federation. Dozens of ships of the line were destroyed. A single Borg ship had exterminated hundreds of Federation officers and had come damn close to assimilating billions of souls on Earth. Only the actions of the Enterprise-D had stopped that. A month later, here she was working sixteen hour days simply trying hold the Federation together. The paperwork and logistical demands constantly attempted to overwhelm her. Admiral Rosenberg was barely in her chair when she received an incoming call. Amanda rolled her eyes. She had left explicit instructions not to be bothered for the next few weeks. She had set her online profile to block anything less than an Omega class message.

“There had better be a Klingon battle fleet above the city.” She thought. She pressed a small button on her computer. The face of a young Ensign filled a corner of the screen.

“Admiral” the young Ensign said. His face showed signs of perspiration. His voice was high and fast. Something had excited him greatly. “We got a hit. We’re at a dig site only a few hundred miles outside of San Francisco. We got a hit. There is something here.” Amanda sat shocked for a moment. After the battle of Wolf 359 Starfleet begin scanning the Earth for any signs of Borg influence. Her team had found something and it was a stone throw away from where she was now.

“What have you found?” she asked.

“We began high altitude scanning of this region a few days ago, we found hundreds of subterrestrial craters in a tight cluster near lake Sunnydale. “ He said. Amanda knew what that implied. It implied a Borg ship was destroyed over the former town of Sunnydale. We began excavation of the largest crater near the lake. The voice of the Ensign waivered. “After a day of digging, we found a transwarp core. A Borg transwarp core was a miracle. It permitted a nearly infinite speed. A transwarp ship could cross the galaxy in only a matter of hours.

“There was a second Borg ship? The Admiral said to herself.

“No.” The Ensign said. “We dated the artifacts to the year 1996 A.D. That puts it in the latter half of the twentieth century. Amanda twisted her head slightly. “These artifacts are nearly four hundred years old.” The Ensign said. Amanda leaned back stunned.

“Forward all data to this computer. Encrypt it eyes only. Use quantum encryption.” The Admiral said. The Ensign looked at her strangely. “Ma’am?” he said. “We’re scientist. We don’t have military grade software.” Amanda rolled her eyes. She would be sure to bring this up in the next staff meeting.

“Do your best.” She said. Amanda cut he connection. Her mind was already elsewhere. She opened an encrypted connection to a remote server high in the California mountains. She and the others that had infiltrated Starfleet hundreds of years ago used it to stay in contact with each other. She waited until the young round face of the high priestess appeared on the screen.

“They get younger every year.” The Admiral thought to herself. “We have uncovered Borg relics from the time of the Event.” She said briskly.

“The circle is complete.” The High Priestess said. “The timeline has been fixed. The past has now collapsed into a single unmovable form. Alert our friends in the Klingon high command to expect a Slayer to be activated soon.” The high priestess smiled. “Good work Rosenberg, you’ve served your family well.” The high priestess cut the connection. Operations Admiral Amanda Rosenberg turned back to a desktop full of work.

Star date 2198: Klingon Home world Hall of Judgement
Three of them stood in a circle chained together. They were cowards. They were brought here to die. The hall of Judgement was the final stopping place for any Klingon convicted of high crimes. The three Klingons here were all found guilty of showing cowardice in the face of the enemy. The high executioner pressed a series of buttons. The teleport pad lit up as their atoms were scrambled and launched out into space. They were being teleported to the Klingon battle planet. They were given the mercy of meeting death with a blade in their hand. As the teleportation beam arced across the empty space between planets, the highly improbable happened. A small wormhole only a few inches across intercepted the teleport beam. The essence of the Klingons splattered across both space and time. In the darkest part of the Restfield cemetery. three forms appeared. Across the galaxy, the Q smiled to himself.

“Let’s see what the slayer can do now.” He said.

2. chapter 2

CBS and Paramount own the rights to the Star Trek TV and film franchise. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

Buffy roamed the Restfield cemetery. She needed a break from the Potentials. Her home on Revello drive were full of young women full of energy that filled the house day and night. After Caridad and Rona nearly came to blows over the shocking lack of cereal this morning Buffy began to feel the need for open space.

“Things were easier with just me and Dawn.” She thought. Then she remembered that Dawn was a construct made from energy vibrating at a dimensional frequency. “Well at least things were easier with just me and Mom.” She thought then she remembered. Her mother was dead. “Things have never been easy.” Buffy finally concluded. She let her thoughts die as she switched into pure patrol mode. This was the part she liked, this is why she came here. She became a pure hunter with no thought of anything but the evil that hid in the land of the dead. Her senses expanded. She smelled something different, something odd. She could hear hard strange voices whispering in the breeze. Buffy crouched behind a series of tombstones as she found her way to three of the strangest demons she’d ever seen.

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