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1. Chapter One

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He hated Sunnydale. He had been transferred here only a month ago from Los Angeles and already he’d come across a string of bizarre murders like nothing he’d seen before. Officer Manning was a watch commander in his previous life. That was before the Event. For several days the sun had totally disappeared from the Los Angeles sky. Violent gangs roamed the city. Everyone had been pressed into doing patrols. One night, in a deserted and burned out part of town, he could swear he saw a thing with green skin and horns fighting alongside two regular guys against a bunch of hoodlums. Somebody got stabbed with a piece of wood. Somebody exploded in storm of dust. Later, someone had said the word vampire. That was before Wolfram and Hart came sniffing around the division. Two days later he was transferred to Sunnydale.

“Who did I piss off to get assigned here?” He thought. He missed his old life. He had roots in L.A.

Officer Manning turned the steering wheel of the patrol car as he turned off onto a dark and deserted road. There was a lot of hobo activity out by the railroad yards. He would take a look at that on the way out.

Officer Manning was a lanky man that stood over six feet tall. He had a compact frame and a black goatee. His hair was cut short like most officers. He kept his gun in a holster on the seat next to him. As he passed a clump of trees he saw a man bloodied with clothing torn running in the opposite direction. The gaunt pale figure came out of the dark. His eyes were wide. Manning could see the stark fear on his face. Manning threw the car in reverse. He stopped it and leapt out. He grabbed the stranger by the arm. Before he could speak, the stranger screamed at him.

“Run!” He yelled. Manning hesitated. The strangers face turned. His eyes became yellow. Fangs appeared.

Vampire!” Manning thought. He was shocked. The vampire pushed Manning away with his free arm and ran, his arms flailing about as if someone had set him on fire. Just as the stranger disappeared into the dark a burning ball of fire came out of nowhere and hit the stranger dead center. Thunder echoed in the air. The landscape lit up in red and black flames. Manning felt something behind him. He turned slowly. He eyes took a moment to focus.

About a hundred feet away the air was shimmering. Smoothing sparkled. Then it appeared. The Predator stood nearly nine feet tall. It skin was mottled gold and tan. It wore standard battle armor with a silver tactical facemask. Manning didn’t know what he was staring at. His eyes were giving his brain information that it refused to accept. He stood there frozen. The Predator noticed him. It turned its head to stare at the police officer. The Predator removed it’s face mask. It looked like something from the bottom of the sea. It had a set of external and internal jaws. It had a third set of teeth clustered near the front that looked like vampire fangs.

Manning had left his gun in the car. It didn’t make any difference. The Predator’s shoulder cannon sprang to life. A ball of blue white fire shot towards him. He jumped. The blue white fire hit the squad car knocking it backwards. Flames spread along its side. The Predator roared as it pointed its arm cannon at Manning. Three red dots appeared in the center of his chest. The laser targeting system had him within its sight. Death would take him soon.

Something, dark as night, with the tail of a serpent slammed into the Predator. They both fell into the road. The Alien was on its feet first, it’s tail high in the air. A little blonde girl came out of the bushes after the Alien. She had a piece of wood in her hand.

“What the …” Manning thought. Adrenaline was rushing through his body. He was running on pure instinct now.

The blonde girl moved her hands quickly gesturing to the Alien. It appeared to be under her control. The Alien quickly placed itself between the Predator and Buffy. Buffy said something in Latin. The Alien attacked again. Razor sharp claws raked across the Predators face. It yowled.

Buffy didn’t wait. She rushed in with the stake to stab into the heart of the beast. But she was too slow. The Predator blocked the downward slash of the stake and punched her in the chest knocking her clear to the other side of the road. Her ribcage shattered. Bones were broken.

The Predator stood and growled. It flicked its wrist. Its wrist blades extended. A meter of razor sharp metal poked into the air, it was going to gut Buffy. As it leaned forward its chest exploded. The silicon tail of the Alien skewered the Predator. Flecks of neon green blood flew everywhere. The Predator screamed. Its deep bass voice echoed in the air.

The cop in him reacted. Manning saw Buffy attacked. He reached for the gun he had hidden. He took his 9mm Beretta and fired twelve shots. He fired until all he could hear was the hammer hitting empty air. He fired until the chamber was empty. He had hit the Predator a few times which only made it angry. Its yellow eyes looked at him with pure evil. It bared its fangs. It raised its arm cannon. Manning saw the triangle of the targeting lasers on his chest. He knew he was a dead man.

Buffy appeared from nowhere running towards him.

“Run!” Buffy screamed echoing the stranger that had come before her. “Get the hell out of here!” The Predator fired. Burning light slammed into Buffy’s back. Her blouse caught fire. Manning caught her as she fell. Her weight carried them forward. They both hit the ground. The Predator moved in for the kill. The Alien opened its mouth. Organic silicon teeth parted. Its inner mouth opened as it spit acid on the Predator. The flesh of the Predator sizzled as it ran off into the dark. The Alien pursued it.

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