The End of Days

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1. Prolog

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“We are the avatars of the Destroyer because we created the Destroyer. We built him from our spirit. We are both the recipient and the source of the power. We are not the slaves of heaven. We are gods.

Surayya Atraties
The Slayers of Dune: Trinity.

It started over four billion years ago on Earth and other places in the galaxy. In the new oceans and the hot places and the secret crevices of infant world’s life appeared in the fragile zone between being and nothingness. The battle to survive was brutal. Tender cells grasped at anything that could boost their ability to survive the molten fires and toxic atmosphere of Earth.

It floated alone in the dark. It had no mind, no soul, and no awareness of itself. It was a simple cellular machine made out of the building blocks of life and it was dying. Tendrils a million times smaller than the width of a Human hair searched for anything that could save it. It failed and died. Others came after it. They struggled in the dark looking for a power to save them. Billions of them failed.

A million years later a single cell succeeded. It found a power it could use as a weapon against the world. In its own blind way it had discovered magic. It knew nothing of spells, and hexes and signs. All it had was the will to survive. Others came after it. They began to bend the world to their simple cellular will. And like every simple user of power, it used it’s power to directly meet it’s own needs. The ice that covered the planet began to melt, oxygen levels began to increase. In one generation they had conquered the world. From space, the Earth shone brighter than it’s sun. The fields of the world were lit by the glory a trillion holy animals.

Then the others came. In sleek ships tens of kilometers long the beings that one day would become the Senior Partners arrived on Earth. They saw that life had taken a hold here and that life had a grasp of the power they coveted for themselves. So they took it upon themselves to blind life to magic. They spun a damping spell of such proportions that life would have to evolve along mostly physical limitations. The effect was immediate. Trillions of life forms died. The Earth was cast into another ice age. But in the darkness, a few cells that held on their magics learned how to share their power for the greater good. Over time, life healed itself and learned other ways to survive. It only took life an additional three hundred million years to conquer the Earth. A small sliver of them still had access to the magics and the ability to share that power. Billions of years later this ability to share would be spread to all life including the women who would one day become the slayers.

The room was a battlefield. Buffy stood with her friends against the Master. The white hats she had found had convinced her to stop the master from embracing the horrors of mass production. He had found a way to drain humans on a rapid scale using machine best fit for killing animals. The Master flinched to snap Buffy’s neck but exploded into dust before he could kill her. Liam walked through the dust cloud to look upon his mothers face.

“I couldn’t let him kill you.” He said.

Buffy observed the young man’s face. He had dark tanned skin and raven black hair. His face was round with delicate features. Buffy could swear that from an angle he looked a little like her with his short pug nose and compact frame.

“Ok, thanks.” Was all Buffy could say. “Appreciate the not dying.” She was in no mood to make new friends. Still, there was something about the boy that touched her. He felt familiar and strange at the same time. She turned to speak with him and saw the strangest thing. She saw Liam Atreides disappear in a puff of blue light.

“Looks like I’ve got myself a guardian angel.” Buffy thought to herself. She stood over the ashes of vamp Willow and vamp Xander and after a moment walked away. From a place far away, the gods were heard to whisper to each other.

“You see, you see what he does?” They spoke among themselves. “The weapon is spreading. It is changing the history of the multiverse. Our plans will come to nothing. The continuance of the weapon is an abomination!”

The Gods agreed and began to draw their plans against the emperor of Dune.

Buffy watched the people below.

The coronation of the new emperor was only days away. Her son, the blend of hers and Paul Muad’dib’s genetics, would ascend to the throne as the third Atreides emperor. He had been given a commission by the Destroyer to share the power of the slayers with the rest of the human race, to turn all mankind into a race of slayers. He would need power to do this, to sheppard the slayers and Humans peacefully together. He had used that power to slaughter thousands of Fishspeakers who refused to serve his throne.

“He’s killed more people than any monster I’ve ever met.” Buffy thought. “And he’s the good guy?” Buffy ran her fingers across the shatter proof plaz that enclosed the observation chamber. She felt very small and meaningless against the pageantry she watched being practiced before her.

Liam had been built to serve another purpose. He had been built by the powers that be to kill the First. He was the Kwisatz Haderach, the shorting of the way. Liam had access to both higher and lower spatial dimensions. He was not limited to mental travels like his father Muad’Dib but he could travel to any point in space time in this universe and beyond. He embraced alternate realities. He was the voice of the multiverse. He was connected to places and possibilities that had never existed here in this universe. He had stopped the massacre at Trellian, he had come to her as a child, and he had even seen a world where there was nothing but shrimp. Buffy remembered seeing him when worked as a waitress in Los Angeles thousands of years ago. At the time he was just some kid who ordered a slice of apple pie from her.

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