The Mirror Effect

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1. This is who we are

Ringworld is property of Larry Niven. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Lyrics to “Faithfully” are the property of Journey. Everything else belongs to me. This is the second story in the “Supersymmetry” series which a crossover with “Ringworld”.

Journey – Faithfully

Highway run into the midnight sun * Wheels go round and round * You’re on my mind * Restless hearts sleep alone tonight * Sending all my love along the wire * They say that the road * ain’t no place to start a family * Right down the line it’s been you and me * And loving a music man * ain’t always what it’s supposed to be * Oh Girl, you stand by me * I’m forever yours * faithfully * Circus life under the big top world * We all need the clowns to make us laugh * Through space and time * Always another show * Wondering where I am lost without you * And being a part ain’t easy on this love affair * Two strangers learn to fall in love again * I get the joy of rediscovering you * Oh girl, you stand by me * I’m forever yours * faithfully * Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh * oh oh oh oh oh oh * faithfully * I’m still yours * I’m forever yours * Ever yours * faithfully.

She saw the world from above the clouds.

Alternating bands of day and night circled the world as a checkered pattern on the ring. The mind of the Buffy-Protector looked out on the creation she had been chosen to protect and saw that it was good. Hundreds of years ago she had been pulled through space and time by herself acting through the impressive quantum entanglement engine of the Ringworld superconductive mesh.

The Ringworld was an artificial structure around a common G2 star. It was built by people who loved their children and would do anything to keep them safe. The Ringworld was a million miles wide and occupied the orbital radius of Earth. It has a surface area of over three million times the surface area of the Earth including the oceans. It was could easily hold over thirty trillion people and Buffy was its protector.

She was called here by forces beyond her control.

The monks who had made Dawn had given Buffy a mystical compulsion to protect her. The problem was that the monks never came back and set reality back to what it was. So Dawn persisted. She had children; those children had children and hundreds of years later billions of Dawns descendants were on the Ringworld. One day, thanks to an artificial wormhole the Buffy-Protector had created, that compulsion became aware of Dawn’s descendants. The Buffy-Protector pulled herself through time in response to that call.

And failed miserably.

The Buffy-Protector remembered that the process of being pulled out of time had been smooth. When the Buffy-Protector went to pull her past self out of time a ship sent by the extremely paranoid aliens known as the Puppeteers launched a quantum black hole at her laboratory. It punched clear through the Map-Of –Mars and out the other side of the Ringworld killing Dawn.

The Buffy-Protector fixed that by exploding the quantum black hole and then using the Ringworld as a quantum computer to extract and reassemble enough of the green energy to allow the magic that created Dawn to reassemble her.

The remembrance of the past raised a red flag in her mind.

“During the time Dawn was trapped in the black hole reality did not go back to its original form!” She thought. “Isn’t that interesting?”

The laws of quantum mechanics required a balance.

If she was allowed to pull herself through time then an opposite particle set must also be pulled through time to create a closed system with a net zero value. Spike and a new and improved Hellmouth had come to the Ringworld also. In his attempt to block out the killing rays of the sun Spike had unleashed a firestorm on the Ringworld.

Millions had died.

The Buffy-Protector had managed to save the Ringworld by merging with it and becoming its warrior angel. As a set of quantum impulses embedded in the trillion mile superconductive mesh the Buffy-Protector had managed to extinguish the fires not before she lost track of Dawn who was safely tucked away in an impenetrable ark.

The Ringworld had safely rotated around its star dozens of times since then.

“How did I get here in the first place?” The Buffy-Protector asked herself in a fit of self pity. “I’m only here because I called myself here.”

The Ringworld chided her back. “I always knew you were a motivated go getter.”

2. Spike commits love

Ringworld is property of Larry Niven. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

Spike wore black.

The suit he wore was a single black piece of Ringworld superconductive mesh woven into a form fitting outfit over a light body armor and insulator. His outfit would safely conduct heat, laser light and electricity well away from his body. It had saved him more than once during his last conflict with the slayer.

They had been at war for years.

Even after coming to the Ringworld and setting it on fire Spike had failed to kill the Slayer. She was his constant oppression. She was a brick wall he had run into time and time again. She was as violent and destructive as Drusilla without the bloody after thoughts. He would miss her after he got rid of her.

Spike sat on his grand throne overlooking the Ringworld landscape. Thousands of years ago an asteroid had hit the Ringworld from beneath. The Ringworld floor material was so strong that it held together as the asteroid pushed the Ringworld floor above the atmosphere. From ground level it looked as if a giant fist was slowly punching up through the bottom of the Ringworld into the sky. The top of the Fist-of-God mountain extended clear out into the vacuum of space.

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