The Weapons of Equality

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Title: Buffy Trek: The Weapons of Equality

1. Chapter One

CBS and Paramount own the rights to the Star Trek TV and film franchise. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

Captain Jonathan Archer stepped onto the bridge of the Enterprise NX-001. It was the midnight shift, his favorite shift. Things often went bump in the night. Captain Archer liked being there when they did. Travis Mayweather sat at the tactical station. The lights of the command panel reflected off of his smooth brown skin. He was scanning a weird asteroid that had drifted into range.

“Anything interesting Mr. Mayweather?” The Captain asked. Archer noticed the readings from the asteroid. Mayweather noticed the captain looking over his shoulder.

“It’s a weird rock.” Mayweather said. His fingers danced over the control panel refining the readings. Mayweather brought up an ultra-sharp image of the asteroid on his data screen.

The screen showed a smooth black rock five miles long and disk shaped.

“Looks artificial.” Archer said. “There should be about twenty-five square miles of living space inside.“ They were floored by the sheer scale of what Mayweather had found.

“About the size of a small town.” Mayweather said. “How did they get the surface so smooth?” Mayweather pointed out that the surface of the asteroid disc lacked the typical impact scars. The answer came to archer immediately.

“They filled the inside of an asteroid with either water or ice, changed its orbit so that gazed a star and melted. The heat from the molten rock would flash the water into steam. The expanding water vapor would cause the asteroid to expand. At that point, it would have a fairly strong magnetic field. They spun it to make it flat. When it cooled, they had an armored environment that could hold a small city. “

“Who?” Mayweather asked. “who would build a thing like this and why?”

“If it’s habitable, there should be internal power sources. Scan for energy signatures and run it against the ships database. “Mayweather pressed a few buttons. A profile of the energy signature from the asteroid flashed on the screen. He recognized it immediately.

“Its Klingon sir!” Mayweather said excitedly. Mayweather turned to face the captain. Archer tapped his com badge.

“All hands, this is Captain Archer. All hands turn to battle stations. This is not a drill. “Archer spoke to the crew. The Enterprise NX-001 came to life as nearly a hundred Humans and aliens quickly attended their assigned posts.

“Any ships? Archer asked. He couldn’t imagine that the Empire build such a huge outpost like this and left it undefended.”

“No ships so far.” Mayweather was concerned. “This thing is huge sir. Why would they build such a thing?”

“It could be a generation ship for a thousand-year voyage.” Archer said.

“or a isolation chamber to quarantine a deadly plague.” Mayweather added.

“Or a prison. Whatever is in that thing must scare the hell out of the Klingons.” Archer looked puzzled. There were not many things in the galaxy that that could scare the Klingons.” Whatever was inside that asteroid he wanted no part of.

“Alright, scan it on the way out. We still need to make cold station 12 before the Augments find those embryos and we end up with a galaxy full of supermen. Doctor Noonien Soong has a lot to answer for.“ Mayweather shook his head in agreement. “I’ll be in my quarters.” Archer said as he turned and walked off the bridge.

Buffy opened her eyes. The room was dark. The house was quiet and still. Buffy sat up on her bed. She inhaled deeply then stood. She couldn’t sleep. She was feening for a hunt. She stumbled towards the light switch on the wall and found it. She only bumped into her desk once. The sudden light came as a brilliant shock. Buffy blinked twice to clear her vision. Her room looked the way it always had. There were crucifixes nailed to the wall. Near the door was her study desk which had not seen a lick of homework in over a year. Her bed, in the far corner of the room held crumpled sheets. On the dresser, next to it Mr. Gordo stood watch. Buffy changed into a pair of jeans and a denim jacket. She laced up her black Nike running shoes, grabbed a stake and headed downstairs. On her way down the stairs she noticed that the house was quiet, too quiet. It took her a moment to understand that she was the only one here. Dawn was gone, Faith was gone, Willow was gone. The potentials were nowhere to be found. Buffy gave it a passing thought as she locked the door behind her and headed out into the night.
She spotted the two vampires at the end of the street. The two vampires were arrogant. They never even noticed her. Buffy fell in line in back of them. They walked down the dark deserted streets together.

“This is too easy.” Buffy thought. She didn’t just want to kill she wanted to hunt, to track her prey and then strike when the moment was right. That was the only way the hunter in her could get any satisfaction. The vampires suddenly stopped. The tallest one turned and looked at her with its fiendish yellow eyes.

“A slayer.” He said. The vampire smiled. “This should be interesting.” He muttered to his companion.

Buffy rushed the first vampire and jammed her stake into its heart. It exploded into a cloud of dust. The second vampire loomed in from the dust. It was on Buffy before she knew it. Both of them tumbled backwards and hit the ground. Buffy jammed an elbow into the vampire. It grunted but still pulled itself towards her. The vampire was a woman at one time. Now it was a corpse possessed by a demon. All it wanted to do was tear Buffy open and drink her blood. Buffy jammed her elbow into the vampire again and again. It finally became groggy and leaned back. Buffy thrust her hips upwards. The vampire fell backwards. Buffy came up on her knees and drove her stake into the creature. It exploded into dust. Buffy wiped her brow as she stood. She almost got killed tonight but now she could sleep. The hunter within her was satisfied. This was a good hunt.

Buffy turned to return home. She still had a disquiet within. Something was wrong and she couldn’t name it. Sunnydale seemed unusually deserted. Still, the vampires came here. As Buffy walked back home, her eyes casually scanned the sky. Her mind continued to work on the problem even as she consciously forgot about it. Buffy’s mind understood the problem right away. It noticed the stars above. The stars were all wrong.


2. chapter 2

CBS and Paramount own the rights to the Star Trek TV and film franchise. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

Buffy walked around the darkened house. Something was bothering her. “There should be other people here.” She thought. Faces and names came out of the dark places of memory. Dawn, Willow, Giles, Xander, Caridad, Chao-ahn. A soft parade of ghosts haunted her memories as she recalled each face to no avail.

“Who are these people?” Buffy though as she chased the ghosts from her mind. She stopped for a moment as a powerful memory bubbled up from the darkness.

“We killed a monster.” Buffy muttered. She remembered allowing the Klingon named Shohas to kill a Klingon vampire as a matter of honor. What happened next still haunted her. The night sky lit up as thousands of soft white explosions flashed in the sky. The third Klingon battle fleet had arrived. She remembered being questioned by the fleet admiral for hours. He was convinced that she was the leader of a group of Human fighters called Augments.

“I am not an Augment!” Buffy had told the fleet admiral over and over again for hours. He did not believe her. The last thing Buffy remembered was being locked in a dirty Klingon Brig. She woke up here a few days ago. To her, Sunnydale seemed like another life a million years ago. Buffy caught her reflection in the kitchen window above the sink.

“Who am I?” she asked herself.

Buffy looked at the kitchen clock. She knew the sun would be up soon though she had never actually seen the sun rise in this place. She made a choice to sleep during the day and hunt at night when the vampires were out.

“Who am I?” Buffy asked herself again. “Without friends, without family, without the world, who am I?” Her mind became persistent as it gave her the answer.

“I am no one.” She though as she turned to go to bed.

“The slayer is alone. No friends.” Buffy remembered a gruff female voice speaking that to her. It was an African voice long dead for thousands of years.

“Never alone.” Buffy thought. She went to bed and slept soundly.

T’Pol and her kidnapped crewmates had been safely returned to the Enterprise. Only hours before, Orion Traders had kidnapped her and a few other crewmembers to sell into slavery. Captain Archer and Dr. Noonien Soong had rescued them. Dr. Soong took the opportunity to escape the Enterprise. T’Pol had expected to be debriefed by the captain about her kidnapping but the interview with the captain had taken a weird turn. He was reviewing hundreds of video files that had suddenly appeared in the ships computer. The files described events that happened hundreds of years ago on Earth and involved what appeared to be a proto-augment named Buffy Summers. Archer watched the young woman go head to head with a Klingon male in a cemetery and survive. What was fascinating was that after she killed him by stabbing him with a piece of wood the body evaporated. It exploded into a cloud of dust.

“Apparently, the roots of Dr. Soong’s eugenics program go back further than what we knew. “said Archer as he looked at T’Pol.

“He may not have been alone.” T’Pol added. She had reviewed a few of the mystery files. If she was human, she would have allowed herself to be shocked when she came across the image of a Klingon male in a Federation uniform. T’Pol noticed something else and pointed at the screen.

“This face seems familiar.” She said. Her finger pointed at the image of Captain Kragtowl of house Korath. He was sentenced to die in the hall of judgement for cowardice over two hundred years ago. She had read about him in school. Captain Archer recognized the face. He had read the same books.

“History records that Kragtowl died on the Klingon battle planet with a blade in his hand. The charges of cowardice were dropped by the Klingon high command and his name restored.

“The timestamp on this file reads 09/01/1996 AE.” Said T’Pol. “That’s over four hundred years ago on Earth in direct violation of the temporal prime directive.”

“Klingons do not have a temporal prime directive or time travel.” Said Archer.

“Any warp capable ship is capable of temporal displacement.” T’Pol corrected. Captain Archer looked at her a moment.

“You are correct.” He conceded.

“If Klingons were on Earth four hundred years ago, that might have inspired someone to begin working on a eugenics program to fight the Klingons. Archer stared into the fierce wide eyed face of the young blond woman killing a Klingon.

“I don’t know.” Said Archer. “It’s hard to see the Klingon empire sending a few troops to the past. What would be the point? Earth practically had no technology at that time. There is no honor in conquering the weak. What if she was not built to fight Klingons but for fighting something else?” T’Pol arched a brow.

“Another Alien race?” T’Pol asked.

“In a way.” Archer answered. “What if she was built to fight demons?” T’Pol had heard that term before. It was the Earth term for metaphasic lifeforms. Metaphasic energy had the power to reverse aging and in extreme cases resurrect the dead. When it was first encountered, the humans labeled the alien life form ‘demons’ because Metaphasic energy had the power to transmute organic matter, the humans had no weapons or tools to defend against metaphasic lifeforms.

“She was created to fight demons?” T’Pol asked rhetorically. That would put her on the same track as the Augments. Something occurred to T’Pol.

“Do the Klingons know?” She asked. “Do the Klingons know that she is not a part of Soong’s augment program?

“I don’t think they do.” replied Archer.

*Earth San Francisco The Rosenberg Coven Stardate 2155.*

She was the youngest they had ever seen. The high priestess of the Rosenberg coven was barely in her teens when was called to office. The Coven was the tactical arm of the cult of Willow Rosenberg formed after the battle of Sunnydale. In the centuries afterwards, the cult had managed to absorb the remains of the Watchers Council and established themselves as a secret society aimed to fight threats to humanity beyond humanity’s ability to fight. The coven fought secret wars against fantastic forces that were barely acknowledged by humans at all. Over the years, they had planted sleeper cells in every major power group on the planet. Now that humans had decided to fly off to the stars they found it necessary to infiltrate the Federation as well. Admiral Rosenberg was just one of the many Starfleet officers that reported to her. She had other sleeper agents as well.

The high priestess read the captain’s log of the NX-001 Enterprise. The coven’s datacenter got real-time feeds from every ship in Starfleet. She would leave the details to Captain Archer for now. She had faith that he would make the right decisions.

“I know you’ll make me proud Jonathan.” She thought. The high priestess looked over the image of Captain Jonathan Archer on the display. “We were right to accept your recommendation into the Watchers Council.” She thought.


3. chapter 3

CBS and Paramount own the rights to the Star Trek TV and film franchise. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

Willow performed the spell again with Data. Buffy had been missing for weeks now. Willow had performed a simple locator spell to find Buffy. She was unsuccessful.

“Any word from the Enterprise?” Willow asked.

“The Enterprise has failed to locate Buffy Summers.” Data said.

“I don’t see how we could lose track of her.” Willow said.

“Well, after the death of the vampire Klang and the destruction of a Klingon battle cruiser there was quite bit of confusion. The arrival of the third Klingon battlefleet did provide hours of noise and violence. It is likely that Buffy was simply beamed aboard one of the Klingon ships and kidnapped.”

“Why would the Klingons want Buffy?” Willow asked. If Data was capable of shrugging he would have. He simply didn’t know why the Klingons would want Buffy and said so.

“I have no information that would explain why the Klingons would want to take Buffy Summers or what they want from her.” Data said. Willow finished mixing the ingredients for the locator spell in the mixing bowl. She began to speak Latin. A puff of light appeared in the bowl. Willow scattered the ashes on the map of the city. Nothing appeared. She grabbed a map of California and scattered the ashes on it. Still, there were no lights to indicate the presence of Buffy. Out of desperation she grabbed a world map. She scattered the ashes and nothing happened.

“Buffy is not on Earth anymore.” Willow said sadly. It looks like the android was right. Buffy had been taken by the Klingons.

“Buffy mentioned that the Klingons do not have slayers.” She said. “Perhaps, they took her to study how to make slayers.”

“Klingons do not have the knowledge to activate slayers at will.” Data said. He and Willow looked at each at other a moment as an awareness came over them.

“But we do!” Data and Willow said simultaneously.

“It won’t do any good though.” Willow murmured to herself. “If we don’t get Buffy back, the Klingons get nothing.”

Dr. Noonien Soong paced back and forth in the tiny space of his containment cell. He had been captured at Cold Station 12 with the Augments. He had failed to liberate the forty-seven embryos left behind. They were his children, his finest work. He had to leave behind forty-seven perfect humans because the Federation was afraid of them. They were afraid of the power of his creations. The augments were superior to the frail beings that ran the Federation. The augments were the children of Human technology. It was the duty of children to replace their parents. Soong stopped pacing in his cell as the full ramifications of what happened at Cold Station 12 hit him. By not allowing him to unleash the frozen embryos the Federation had condemned Starfleet to hundreds of years of unnecessary struggle and conflict.

“Fools!” Soong exclaimed to himself. Soong knew of the existence of the Klingons. He knew that the current version of humanity was not up to the Klingon challenge. He knew that humanity would not survive a Klingon onslaught.

“We need to meet the Klingon challenge.” Soong thought. “We need the weapons of equality that will allow us to survive.” The ship shook. The lights flickered. The captains voice came over the intercom.

“Battle stations!” The captain said. “Looks like the Orion traders are back. Archer out.” The lights flickered again as the ship shook. The force field to his cell failed to regenerate. Soong stepped out of the holding cell and into the hallway. An augment met him in the hallway.

“We’re getting off this ship.” Soong said with firm determination.

A torpedo exploded against the armored shell of the Enterprise NX-001. The ship shook, a bright white light expanded against the hull. A second ship, hidden in the shadow of the larger Orion freighter activated traction beams. The armored plating of the Enterprise began to buckle. Archer leaned over the tactical station. The board showed a riot of blinking lights and flashing numbers. His trip to Cold Station 12 had forced him to cut through Orion Trader territory. The Orion Traders had kidnapped members of his crew. They wanted their merchandise back. The ship shook as the Orions attacked the ship again. The tactical officer swept three fingers over the console control. A profile of the larger Orion freighter appeared. There was no sign of the second, smaller ship that hid in its shadows.

“Fire!” Archer commanded. A point of light shot out of the Enterprise. It sped towards the Orion freighter at a fair fraction of the speed of light. It hit the Orion ship near the rear. Secondary antimatter conduits collapsed. A chain of matter/anti-matter reactions rippled along the rear of the ship ending in a bright explosion that lit up the inky black of space.

“Sir!” came a voice from engineering.

“Yes?” Archer answered.

“We have an unauthorized access of a transporter console. It looks like they just beamed into empty space.” Said ensign Travis Mayweather. Archer thought for a moment. They it hit him. “Where’s Soong?” Archer asked. A moment passed until Travis came back. His containment cell is empty as well as the cell of an augment.” Archer cursed under his breath.

“Where could’ve Soong have gone?” Archer thought. He remembered the strange asteroid they had passed on their way to Cold Station 12.
“Helm, change course.” Archer said as he gave the coordinates to the asteroid. The Enterprise made a sharp turn and then jumped to warp speed.

Buffy saw the two men appear out of thin air. They appeared in a cloud of swirling light. Before the men could move a vampire came out of the shadows and attacked them.

“What the F**k?” she thought. She was on her feet and running towards them before she even knew it. Before she got halfway there she saw something amazing. The younger of the two men punched the vampire in the head hard enough to knock it to the ground. The vampire rolled then jumped to its feet. The younger man jabbed it in the throat with a three-finger cobra strike then kicked its legs from under him. Vampires didn’t breathe and had a high resistance to pain. If he had been fighting a normal human the younger man would have won by now. But he was fighting a vampire. Everything he knows will fail.

“This guy is going to get himself killed.” Buffy thought. She arrived in time to see the older man turn to her. He had black hair and an oval face with hawk sharp eyes.

“Who are you?” Dr. Soong asked.

“I’m Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” She said. Buffy ignored the dark-haired man, she pivoted around him, took her stake and jammed it into the heart of the vampire. It exploded in a cloud of dust. Dr. Soong and the augment gasped in amazement.

**Klingon High Command Star date 2200**

“pa’vetlhDaq Soong” said a young Lieutenant from the back of the room. “Dr. Soong has arrived.” He said.

Admiral Tengfei smiled. This was beyond his wildest dreams. The slayer had been reunited with her master. Now they could fully scale the treachery of the Humans. Now he could measure the power of these augments that have been unleashed.

“Send the Cast-Out.” Tengfei said.

“How many?” The Lieutenant asked.

“All of them.” Admiral Tengfei replied.


4. chapter 4

CBS and Paramount own the rights to the Star Trek TV and film franchise. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

“We gotta go.” Buffy said to the two men before her. Her slayer senses were screaming at her now. She could feel a dozen or more vampires moving in the darkness around them. The older man, a Dr. Soong, clearly held some sort of authority over the younger man who had a baby face and oddly toned physique that matched his dark eyes and black hair. The skin of the augment was a light brown color like skin of his people that occupied the central region of India.

“There are more vampires out there.” Buffy said. “We gotta go. I don’t know if I can protect you.” Soong looked at her strangely. He had a mature augment by his side. What could this girl do?

“Vampires?” said Soong. “Vampire are not real.” He said. “You sound like a lunatic.”

“I assure you that they are real and they are coming to kill us.” Buffy said as she began to walk away. Soong and the augment followed her by reflex without being aware that they were doing so.

“My man here can handle any attacker.” Soong said proudly as he patted the augment on the back the same way an owner would pet an attack dog.

“That is the problem.” Buffy said. “We’re fighting the supernatural. Nothing you do will work. The rules don’t apply. Your training will get you killed.” Buffy stopped for a moment as she realized just out of touch these two guys were. Buffy turned and faced them.

“Hit me!” Buffy demanded to the augment. The augment looked at her strangely.

“I’m not going to hit a woman.” The augment said. Buffy lunged forward, her right fist slammed into the augments jaw knocking him backwards. As he was bent over in pain, Buffy stabbed her elbow into the back of his head. The augment went face down into the dirt. Buffy bent over and whispered into his ear.

“Wanna hit me now?” she asked softly. The augment lunged to his feet. Thick fingers clinched at Buffy neck and grabbed empty air. The augment punched twice at her and both times missed.

“These guys are not ready.” Buffy thought. Her blonde ponytail weaved in the night air as she easily avoided the augment. “When the vampires come, and they will, you must be ready to kill.” Buffy said to them. Buffy held her stake up. “We’ve got to get a couple more of these.” She said. It’s the only thing that can kill them.” The augment spit blood. He was still feeling the effects of Buffy punches. Buffy looked at him with sympathy.

“What’s your name, kid?” Buffy asked.

“Kahn.” Said the augment “Khan Noonien Singh” As he spoke, Buffy could feel the sheer power radiating from him. She wondered if he was a male slayer.

“Impossible.” Buffy murmured as she dismissed her own thoughts.

“C’mon tin man” said Buffy as she turned away from them. “It’s time for Dorothy to get back home cuz that’s where I keep my weapons.” The three humans walked down the empty street towards Buffy’s home at 1630 Revello Drive.

**Klingon High Command Stardate 2200**

Admiral Tengfei groomed the young Klingon female that stood before him. Her academy uniform was crisp and clean but Tengfei couldn’t help himself. Whenever he saw a service uniform on any young person he felt like a cadet at inspection. Tengfei stood back and looked at her. He was surprised at how young she was.

“Have they told you the mission?” Tengfei asked.

“Sir, I have been chosen to perform reconnaissance on an enemy of the empire, Sir!” The cadet all but yelled.

“The War-Masters of Kronos have taught her well.” Tengfei thought.

“This mission is dangerous.” Admiral Tengfei said. “You may encounter the cast-out.” The cadet looked at him as if he was crazy. The cast-out were a myth from history. Nevertheless, she vowed to complete her mission and bring honor to herself and her family.

“What is your name child?” The Admiral asked.

“Pidren G’ath” answered the Klingon female. “House of Kor.”

“*Qu!*” The Admiral exclaimed. “This is wonderful! The house of Kor has much honor.”

“*ghaH ngeH DaH!*” The Admiral commanded. The Cadet began to sparkle as she was grabbed by a teleport beam. The cadet disappeared from the high command. She appeared moments later on the dark streets of a fake Sunnydale.

Buffy saw something sparkle in the darkness. It caught her eye. Buffy stopped for a moment out of surprise. She changed direction and headed towards it. Cadet Pidren sniffed the night air. She could smell the faint petrochemicals used to lubricate the machines beneath this monstrosity. She knew that she was on an artificial world that was both a laboratory and quarantine for a dangerous enemy. The admiral had mentioned augmented humans and the cast-out in one breath. Whatever beings that were contained here must be a true threat to the empire. She found it curious that the High Command would choose someone as young as her and insist on a female. There were less than ten females at the academy and most of them had class seniority and actual battle experience. Pidren G’ath inhaled sharply. She knew she was underqualified for this mission but vowed to be brave and do her best.

“nuqneH, Buffy yjr vampire slayer.” said a female voice behind her. Pidren turned around with her bat’leth at the ready. She held it steady as the three humans approached her. She recognized Buffy as an augment from her mission briefing. The Buffy was a few inches taller than her but cadet Pidren had a higher muscle mass and bone density.

“I am Pidren G’ath of the House of Kor.” She said. Kahn lunged forward.

“Allow me to eliminate this Klingon scum!” he said aggressively. Buffy shot her arm out and stopped him.

“We’re not be killing any children today, ok?” Buffy said coldly to Khan. She turned her head back to the Klingon child.

“*pongwIj ‘oH Buffy poH tuj bI’reS. pol SoH QaD ‘e’ nID jIH*” Buffy said “My name is Buffy Summers and I will try to keep you safe. “Buffy noticed how the Klingon girl held her bat’leth. It was sloppy. The Admiral that trained her would have not approved of her fighting technique.

“I’ll kill the one on the left. You guys can have the rest.” A sinister male voice said. All heads turned. A pack of five vampires and come out of nowhere.

“Great, now I’ve got these guys to deal with.” Buffy said.

“Oh don’t worry honey.” Said the lead vampire. “You won’t have to deal for long.” Pidren growled at the vampires.

“I’m going to enjoy killing whatever it is the hell you are.” The lead vampire said.

“Today is a good day to die!” Pidren snapped back as she lunged at the vampire.

“Oh great!” thought Buffy as she followed the Klingon into battle.


5. chapter 5

CBS and Paramount own the rights to the Star Trek TV and film franchise. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

**Klingon High Command Stardate 2200**

Admiral Tengfei changed the view on his command monitor. He had been monitoring the events at site “A”. This was the location that held the human augments and the cadet. However, there was a second site, a second asteroid they had terraformed and placed on the other side of the star they orbited. The “B” site held nothing but young Klingon females and vampires. Things were not going well at the “B” site. Over twenty of the young females had been killed by the vampires. Most of them had been transformed into cast-out in only a matter of minutes. Admiral Tengfei fingered the trigger button that would obliterate the “B” site in a thermonuclear blast but hesitated. There were scores of young Klingons still at the “B” site. He hesitated to exterminate them until he could see with his own eyes what the Earth slayer could do. Admiral Tengfei zoomed in on the image of a young female being chased by one of the cast-out. Tengfei watched two colored blobs merge on his screen. He switched the cameras mounted in the false sky to high resolution. On his screen, he saw a young female swing her bat’leth slicing through the neck of a cast-out. The vampire exploded in a cloud of dust. She had killed one but there where dozens of vampires left.

“Decapitation works.” Tengfei thought. He had to get the word out. He keyed the space coms. Tengfei entered a code that would allow him to broadcast to the earpieces embedded into each Klingon female.

“Attention combatants.” Tengfei said. “Decapitation seems to work. Cut the heads off of these honorless dogs!” he barked. “High Command out.”

“May Kahless protect you all.” He thought. Tengfei changed the monitor to the video feed from the “A” site. He zoomed in on the augment and watched as she led her troops into battle.

**Experimental Site A**

Buffy jumped back as the claws of the vampire lashed out at her. She flipped the stake into her left hand and charged the vampire again. The vampire jammed an elbow into Khan’s ribs. Khan grunted. He barely felt the vampire’s jab. Khan reacted in rage and punched the vampire. His fist slammed into the side of the vampires face knocking it sideways. Buffy leaned in and stabbed the vampire in the heart with her stake. It exploded in a cloud of dust.

“One down…” Buffy thought. Still, there were four vampires left.

“Let’s try that again.” Buffy shouted to Khan. “You set’em up and I’ll knock’em down.” Buffy looked back at Pidren. She didn’t even know the young Klingon’s name.

“Listen up, short stuff.” Buffy said to the young Klingon female. “If anything gets past us, it’s all yours. “she said. “If all else fails, cut its head off.” Buffy advised her. Kahn had managed to pin the vampire on the ground. Soong was amazed. The vampire was just as strong as Kahn. He had designed Kahn himself. He knew what feats his augment was capable of performing. Yet, this random creature held its own against the best of what he could produce. Both the girl and the vampire were more than a match for decades of genetic engineering.

“They are not ready.” Dr. Soong thought. He knew now that there were tasks his augments were not up to.

“Dammit move!” Buffy shouted. Kahn had gone into a frenzy. He was hitting the vampire over and over again to no effect. “Move!” Buffy yelled. She found a spot and jammed the stake deep into the vampire. It exploded into a cloud of dust.

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