The Witch Killer

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1. Chapter One

All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is property of L. Frank Baum. Everything else belongs to me.

“He is coming.” The munchkin said.

The little man was all of four feet tall. The outfit he wore was ridiculous. He wore bright maroon overalls and a black and red checkerboard shirt and Pipi Longstocking red and white striped socks that came all the way up to his ankles. He had the face of a forty year old man but his outfit gave him the appearance of someone who never escaped childhood. He had found his way to the mystical land of Sunnydale. Bitter experience had taught him how much damage the witch killer could do.

“He is coming.” The munchkin said to Ms. Kitty Fantastico. He held the kitty tenderly in his hands. He tried to keep his blood off of her. The munchkin was dying. He had barely escaped from Oz. He had only managed to reach the inter-dimensional portal after crashing through the security grid at the wizard’s palace. It had been decades since the Wizard had left Oz in a hot air balloon. Without the Wizard of Oz to keep her in check, Glinda, the so-called ‘good witch’ of the south now ruled the whole Land of Oz with an iron fist.

It all started with the witch killer. Glinda had hired him to remove the competition. First he manipulated Dorothy into dropping a house on the wicked witch of the east then got the Dorothy to throw water on her sister, the wicked witch of the west killing her instantly.

All of that death was by the command of Princess Ozma. Glinda had been the protector of the house of Ozma since time immemorial. The coup d’état had been executed using the witch killer.

Ms. Kitty Fantastico meowed as she wagged her tail. She was speaking the secret language of Oz Land. She understood everything the munchkin had said.

“Protect your Witches.” The munchkin said. He sat her back on the ground. The last of his life force drained away.

Ms. Kitty Fantastico watched the munchkin body for a moment. She taped it with her tiny paws. The munchkin did not move. Ms. Kitty Fantastico accepted his death as a matter of fact. She waited a moment then she moved on.

“Ah look, he’s so cute.” Tara said. She lifted the small dog out of its holding pen and rubbed it against her face. She and Willow had decided to spend the day casually shopping. They were in the Sunnydale animal shelter. They were looking for a friend for their kitty.

“You think she will like him?” Willow asked.

She examined the dog carefully. It was a little black dog, with long, silky hair and small black eyes that twinkled merrily on either side of his funny, wee nose.

“Well, he is a cutie.” Tara said as she stroked the dog’s back. The stray wagged its tail and licked Willow’s face.

“Ok, let’s do this.” Willow said as she brought the dog directly to the counter. Minutes later they were on the street with their new pet in tow.

Phase one of the plan was complete. The witch killer had located the targets. Their deaths will clear the way for the Empress to expand her power base into this dimension. As soon these two were removed Glinda would move in with her magics and quickly conquer this world. Glinda even had a spell that would neutralize the slayers.

Toto, formally the pet of Dorothy Gale of Kansas wagged his tail in anticipation. Everything had moved according to his subtle manipulation. He enjoyed his work and he was good at it.

For he was the Toto the Witch Killer.

Oz wasn’t his first assignment but the fallout from that one gig was still paying benefits decades later. Getting Dorothy to bump her head and pass out on her bed was his idea. Running away and getting Dorothy to chase after him locating a stand in that bore a passing resemblance to the Wizard of Oz was his idea also. Dropping a house on the witch of the East had been Glenda’s idea. Talk about overkill.

Glinda had to make sure the ruby slippers were taken off the field. She couldn’t have her enemies just randomly teleporting about while she was building her power base. If the ruby slippers were not enchanted she would have just killed the wicked witch of the East herself and taken the slippers.

The scarecrow was much easier to use. A few well placed barks had caused the Witches guards to set him on fire. Toto knew what water would do to the witch. When Dorothy had thrown the water to extinguish the fire on the scarecrow enough had gotten on the witch to destroy her. He didn’t even have to lift a paw.

Very few people accepted the fact that the movie “The Wizard of Oz” was a documentary. The munchkin underground had managed to sneak video footage into this dimension. Their attempt to get the word out was an utter failure. The premise was just too fantastic to be believed.

When she found out about the leaked footage Glinda had wiped the lollipop guild from the face of Oz. Still, there were splinter cells hiding deep in Emerald city. Toto knew that there survivors of the purge operating in Sunnydale. As soon as he wiped out the two witches Toto would hunt them down.

Toto noticed the pattern of traffic lights that controlled the cars on the street. He thought deeply about a way to get the witches to walk into oncoming traffic.

The first rule of the assassins’ guild was “Make it look like an accident.”

2. Chapter 2

All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is property of L. Frank Baum. Everything else belongs to me.

Toto observed the witches enter their humble abode. The apartment the witches rented was a simple one bedroom apartment with a living room, a kitchen and a study area. Toto scanned the apartment for weapons he could use. Even though he was smart and ruthless he was still working with paws. Toto squirmed out of Tara’s arms as he leapt to floor to quickly scurry around the apartment.

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