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This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Tales of Ms. Kitty Fantastico
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Ms. Kitty Fantastico was happy. Her milk was warm and her litter box was clean. She was the Queen of all she surveyed and the master of her domain.

Her days in the land of the Sunnydale always started with a vigorous attack on the impudent ball of yarn which refused to surrender to her constant attacks. Their battles, which could stretch on for hours, were legendary.

This morning, the Evil Yarn Of Death(TM) had wrapped itself around her with its Felt Tendrils of Death(TM). This was a classic attack pattern by the soft and fuzzy monster. She was not to be fooled. A quick twist of her body and her was free of their murderous grasp. Once again Ms Kitty Fantastico was victorious and all was well with the world.

Having defeated the Evil Yarn Of Death(TM), she turned her attention towards her humans who were busy making her breakfast. Cats had long ago domesticated People, teaching them how to pet them when necessary and how to properly prepare their meals. She had only had two Humans, one slightly larger than the other and one with dark red hair. She felt that two Humans were enough.

Other members of the Feline kingdom had domesticated entire families. That, in her opinion, was just being greedy. A sane cat valued its independence and didn’t have the time or inclination to take care of people. Her two humans were enough for her.
Besides, both of her Humans were Wiccan. They were far more useful than the other plain Humans. Especially the red headed one. Ms. Kitty’s little round gray face looked up at her People with love and a certain pride in ownership. She had been with the two Wicca’s for a while and has happy to have them.

Ms Kitty Fantastico felt a slight tingling along the bottom of her belly. Then a great deal of her hair stood on end. She unsheathed her claws to prepare for battle. Something was coming. Something terrible. Something that existed before cat language. Something she recognized in her cells.

Without warning, a voice from her primordial past and oddly enough the near future, bubbled up within her. “Only the insane are moral. If you are to rule, you must destroy everything that is not totally yours. A Queen is as moral as a hurricane.”

Where did that come from? She did not know, but the force of personality behind those words was powerful indeed. The person that spoke those words was regal and commanding, like a Cat-Mother.
Ms. Fantastico did not understand the words that were spoken but she understood the emotions behind the sounds. They upset her greatly. Those words left her shaken and afraid. Ms Kitty Fantastico knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that she would not have liked to meet the creature that first uttered those words.

Was a fight coming? As a predator, she was never afraid of a good fight, but, she was concerned about her family. They belonged to her. She was responsible for them. She was responsible for keeping them safe. She did not want Willow or Tara to get hurt. They were very useful. They always had her meals on time.

Ms Kitty Fantastico walked over and rubbed herself against Tara to comfort herself and her Human. Tara returned the affection by rubbing Ms. Kitty Fantastico’s head with her hands. After a few minutes she felt better. Still, her claws refused to retract. Trouble was coming to her happy home.

“It is called The Lightning Rod of Enlightenment” Willow said as she crossed the room to sit in the circle she and Tara had drawn on the bare wooden floor of their apartment.
“It was designed to draw knowledge from the universe itself. The theory being that the Universe, at its basic level is just information.” Willow said.

“You mean like the Matrix?” Tara asked as she arranged the crystals in a semi circle on both sides of here and Willow.

“Nothing like the Matrix.” Willow responded. “The Matrix had an outside. You could unplug from it. The Matrix was a subset of the Universe, a prison designed to keep people small. You can’t unplug from the Universe, not in life, not in death, not by Space or Time. Everything everywhere is quantum entangled with everything else.

There is no outside. Willow arranged the last of the ingredients in the proscribed manner. “We’re going to tap into the super-set. We’re going to become larger.”

“In the beginning was the Word, and the word was with GOD, then the Word was GOD” Tara intoned.

“Exactly!” Willow said as she smiled.

Ms. Kitty Fantastico peeked from around the back of Willow. She was curious. What were her Humans up to?

“Wouldn’t it easier if we just studied like normal students? Tara asked sarcastically.

“You might as well ask birds to walk south for the winter.” Willow responded. “Besides this is more fun, and what could possibly go wrong?”

Willow and Tara stared at each other a moment bound by a mutual thought.
“Yeah, right.”


“Invariant Eternus Orginal revert.” Willow read the spell as she sprinkled the first of three ingredients before her. Tara chanted low in the background at a tempo and pitch that set up an inference pattern with Willows voice.

She then took the contents of her bowl and scattered a small amount of it in the air before her.

“Ut Deus partum magister, Is gave nos specialitas Iuvo nos agnosco Suus universitas.” Willows voice was louder. The room began to be filled with a soft golden glow.

Ms. Kitty Fantastico extended her claws and hissed at the light at the center of the room. She didn’t care that she was smaller than one of Tara’s boots. She was not afraid. That thing that floated in the air before her had awakened instincts her kind hasn’t had to use since they took up the company of Man.

The inference pattern between Willow’s and Tara’s voices became greatly, greatly amplified, by magic, at wavelengths larger than galaxies in a dimensional space that was continuous with every point in their region of space-time.

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