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1. Chapter One

All characters from the Dune Universe are property of the Frank Herbert Estate. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

When strangers meet, great allowances should be made for differences of custom and training. The question then becomes, what latitude do you give to people whose main focus in life is to fight the dead?

Bene Gesserit variant of Lady Jessica quotation.

Buffy dreamed that she was running in the sand. In her dream, she wore a white armored suit that covered her whole body. In her dream, she ran for kilometers and was not tired. She watched in a haze as kilometer after kilometer of tan desert sand undulated before her as she crossed the hot arid distance of the planet known as Dune. Her blonde hair was tied back into a bun. To the naked eye, she was a blur.

Buffy stopped suddenly in front of a cave sending up a plume of sand where her feet had jabbed into the ground. The cave jutted out of a mountain of rock that looked strangely out of place. Then she remembered. This was Mount Surayya. This was an asteroid that the slayer Surayya had dropped on a Hellmouth that had opened suddenly in the northern polar cap of Arrakis. Buffy stopped and stared into the dark mouth of the cave. She felt evil stirring there. She felt an ancient and powerful evil awaking that to her felt oddly familiar.

A voice, deep, sensual and male spoke to her.

“You are magnificent…” The voice said.

Buffy stood perfectly still in both horror and awe. Something in the back of her mind recognized that voice. She was at the same time enthralled and repulsed.

“All these years, fighting us, your power so near to our own.”

“I know you.” Buffy said to the darkness.

“You have never had a taste.”

Buffy heard someone scream. She awoke.

Lisa and Surayya looked at her strangely. They were still in the lobby of the main Fish speaker embassy on Arrakis. A major meeting had been called between the slayers, the fish speakers and the Bene Gesserit, after the death of the Destroyer and the impact of a rather large asteroid on the Arrakis north polar region. It seems there were some strange events on the planet Gammu. Gammu was the place where the Senior Partner had launched his attack on Arrakis. Gammu was where the Senior Partner had resurrected Drusilla. There would be teleconferenced representatives from the techno planet of IX at the meeting as well. It seems that IX was the launching point of the missiles that had killed the Destroyer.

Even now, weeks later, the slayers stilled grieved for the Destroyer in their own way. The women would never show their tears but inside they oscillated between fury and sorrow. The Destroyer was the source of the Slayer Sprit and as such they felt connected to him beneath the skin. When the Destroyer died, every slayer in the universe felt as if an arm had been cut off. Now, locked within their flesh was the last remnant of the spirit of the Destroyer.

Surayya slowly turned her eyes away from Buffy and resumed reading the text message that had just come across her communicator. She balanced the anxiety caused by the message with knowledge that Motorria was nearing term. Her baby would be born soon. The message Surayya read was simple, direct, to the point and very powerful. It read: “We are returning.” It was signed Fleet Commander Admiral Afari Guerrero of the flagship “Memories of Dawn” The slayer fleet was returning. Surayya felt both comforted and terrified. Soon there would be thousands of slayers on Arrakis and none of them in a mood to tolerate stupidity from the fish speakers or anyone else.

A stocky woman, wearing the stripes of a fish speaker commander, opened the huge polished wooden doors imported from the water rich planet of Caladan and motioned them to enter. Surayya, Lisa, and Buffy stood and made their way to the grand meeting room. Buffy chided herself never to scream in her dreams again. As she was thinking this, Surayya turned and said something rather cryptic to her.

“All our dreams are prophecy dreams.” Surayya said flatly.

The ship hovered above the mystic mountains of Earth. Drusilla was looking for something ancient and buried for tens of thousands of years. She let her visions guide her. She had been trained in the ways of the Bene Gesserit on Gammu by wise and terrible women. She learned everything she could from them before she slaughtered them all. She had even killed the Senior Partner that had brought her back from the true death. Under the influence of the black spice, created by the Senior Partner, she scanned all of the possible futures for clues to the location of the sacred object. The voice within her helped assimilate and process the flood of raw data. Drusilla listened attentively to Alia, the sister of Paul Muad’dib. The magics of the Black Spice had given her demon self access to the female memories of people who had lived and died long after her transformation into nosferatu.

The Earth below her had done well in the absence of Man. Thick jungle covered every land mass on the planet. Below Drusilla turned a huge banquet of life. There were places on Earth where herds of animals numbering in the tens of thousands roamed free. Drusilla was looking for a special form of evil buried and forgotten within the Earth. She was looking for something old that the world had left behind when it went out to the stars. Alia had the answer for her.

“There.” The voice within her said. “The land was once called Transylvania. His castle is dust now. But what lies beneath lies undisturbed.” Drusilla heeded the voice within. She angled her ship slightly, then drove down at hypersonic speeds towards the remains of castle Dracula.

2. chapter 2

All characters from the Dune Universe are property of the Frank Herbert Estate. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

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